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History of the faculty

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The Faculty of Nursing at the University of Calgary has a proud history going back more than 40 years. The faculty has grown from a school of nursing in the newly formed University of Calgary in the 1960s to a full-on faculty in the 1970s. It began with a Bachelor of Nursing program and has expanded to include a graduate program of master's, nurse practitioner and doctoral studies. Concurrent with the addition of graduate studies, the faculty embarked on a research program. In 2015, the faculty proudly supports four chairs in nursing research and a solid track record of contribution to the advancement of nursing through research and learning, with nursing programs in Calgary, Medicine Hat and Qatar.

UCalgary’s Faculty of Nursing is born

1954 - University nursing education in Calgary begins when Bachelor of Science nursing students from the University of Alberta take the first year of courses at the Calgary branch of UAlberta.

1966 - The University of Calgary obtains independence from UAlberta; that same year, the opening of two new hospitals in Calgary creates a more pressing need for nursing staff from this city.

1968 – University of Calgary administration agrees to establish a School of Nursing

1969 – first School of Nursing director is appointed

1970 – first class starts in September

1974 – first class graduates from the Bachelor of Nursing program from the University of Calgary

1975 – School of Nursing becomes Faculty of Nursing

Education programs evolve to include graduate studies

1977 – The faculty graduates its first post-diploma nurses in keeping with mission to more adequately prepare registered nurses for leadership positions. 

1981 – first class of Master of Nursing students begins

1994 – first PhD in Nursing degree is conferred

1999 – first PhD in Nursing class is admitted

2001 - nurse practitioner diploma program is initiated

2001 - first cohort of Bachelor of Nursing students at Medicine Hat College is admitted following a partnership signed with University of Calgary in 2000

Research becomes integral

1980’s - The faculty’s research capacity grows steadily with a combination of research projects undertaken and increasing availability of research funding for nursing projects.

1990’s - The faculty’s research initiatives gather more momentum with an expanding number of research and service groups.

2011 - Nancy Moules, PhD receives the first ever professorship in the faculty: the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation/the Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute Professorship in Child and Family Centred Cancer Care

2012 - Nicole Letourneau, PhD becomes the faculty’s first ever research chair, the Norlien/Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation Chair in Parent-Infant Mental Health 

2013 - Lorraine Venturato, PhD becomes the faculty’s Chair in Gerontology

2015 - Kathryn King-Shier, PhD is appointed the Guru Nanak Dev Ji Dil (Heart) Research Chair

The faculty goes global

1970 - UCalgary’s Faculty of Nursing initiates first of many memorandums of understanding with international institutions established throughout its history

 2006 - The University of Calgary and State of Qatar sign an agreement to establish a undergraduate nursing education program in Doha, Qatar, patterned after the Calgary curriculum.

2007 - 50 nursing students are admitted to the University of Calgary in Qatar


Faculty of Nursing leadership





Shirley R. Good, RN PhD

1969 to 1972


Fred Terentiuk, PhD

1972 to 1974

Acting Director

Marguerite E. Schumacher, RN MEd

1974 to 1975


Marguerite E. Schumacher, RN MEd

1975 to 1979


Margaret Scott Wright, PhD

1979 to 1985


Joy D. Calkin, RN PhD

1985 to 1989


Margaret Scott Wright, PhD

1989 to 1990

Acting Dean

Janet L. Storch, RN PhD

1990 to 1995


Carol Rogers, RN MSc

1995 to 1997

Acting Dean

Deborah Tamlyn, RN PhD

1997 to 2002


Florence Myrick, RN PhD

2002 to 2003

Acting Dean

Marlene Reimer, RN PhD

2003 to 2004

Acting Dean

Michael Clinton, RN PhD

2004 to 2007


Dianne Tapp, RN PhD

2007 to 2008

Acting Dean

Dianne Tapp, RN PhD

2008 to 2009

Interim Dean

Dianne Tapp, RN PhD

2009 to present