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Fundraising Activities

Submitted by laflammd on Thu, 12/04/2008 - 5:02pm.

The Faculty of Nursing Alumni Committee is committed to the ongoing excellence of the student experience and to assisting undergraduate and graduate students achieve their goals in their nursing education. To maintain our established bursaries for nursing students, we carry on fundraising events and activities throughout the year. Please consider helping us help our students by attending one of our events and/or purchasing an item from us.

Alumni Stethoscope Sales
The Faculty on Nursing Alumni provides a great opportunity for nursing students to purchase a stethoscope and at the same time be part of a fundraising event. This event has traditionally been a lot of fun for Alumni members meeting new students while providing students with an opportunity to interact with graduate nurses. Students have expressed their appreciation for the very reasonably priced stethoscopes which are offered in a variety of colors. This fundraiser meets the needs of undergraduate nursing students who require a stethoscope prior to clinical practicum and for nurse practitioner students as well.

The Alumni stethoscope sales events have been highly successful in providing students with a high quality product, in a timely fashion ,while generating funds for Graduate and Undergraduate bursaries. A win win project for all involved!

Available twice a year - Fall and Winter

FundScrip Orders
The Faculty of Nursing Alumni has an amazing new fundraiser. This innovative project costs you nothing extra, yet the dollars will build Alumni student bursaries.

  • All you have to do is order gift cards which are available from a wide variety of popular stores and services – see link to print off a FundScrip order form.
  • When you order a $20 gift card, for example, you will pay $20 and receive a card for the full amount. FundScrip will then give a percentage of each order to the Faculty of Nursing Alumni.
  • To place your order, please contact us to arrange to drop off your FundScrip order form with cash or cheque payment.