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Faculty of Nursing Forms

Newly Admitted Students:
Please do not submit these documents until you have received an offer of admission to the program
Immunization Acknowledgement and Consent PDF
Nursing Graduate Immunization Form PDF
N95 Fit Testing PDF


Appointment of Supervisor –Supervisory Committee PDF
Approval of Course Outlines PDF
Approval of Thesis Proposal PDF
Consent Form for Class Assignment PDF
Exam Timeframe Doctoral Candidacy PDF
Exam Timeframe Final Doctoral Oral PDF
Exam Timeframe Final Thesis Master’s Oral PDF
Exam Timeframe Master's Course-based PDF
MN Comprehensive Oral Exam Timeframe for MNNP PDF
GATs Application Form PDF
GAT Contract PDF
Independent Guided Study Template PDF
Master's Project Committee Composition (633 and 634) PDF


Faculty of Graduate Studies

As a graduate student, managing all the aspects of your program can be complicated. The Faculty of Graduate Studies provides a "Managing My Program"  page that will help you navigate through your graduate program. Forms such as Leave of Absence, Change of Course Registration, and Request for Program Extension, can be found on this webpage: