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Health-care system needs to sharpen focus on those living and dying in long-term care, says Lorraine Venturato, chair in gerontology

Karen Benzies, professor and associate dean (research), is recipient of 2016 CAPWHN Excellence in Leadership Award

Deborah White examines networks to find ways they can work together to deliver better health care

Nursing researcher Shane Sinclair reviews health-care literature from last 25 years and explores compassion from patients' perspectives

Dr. Abhay Lodha and Karen Benzies, PhD, RN, launch a province-wide study to investigate how to improve the health of preterm babies and reduce family stress

Debbie White works with strategic clinical networks to inform improvements

Lorraine Venturato, PhD, an associate professor in the Faculty of Nursing is co-leader of the Dementia and Cognitive Disorders NeuroTeam.

Nicole Letourneau is one of the lead investigators at the University’s newly opened multi-health facility for neurodevelopmental research.

DIL Walk Foundation partners on a research initiative led by Kathryn King-Shier focused on the South Asian community

Faculty of Nursing study finds peer-based telephone support is effective for new moms

Faculty of Nursing researchers assess the effectiveness of community-based project

Linda Duffett-Leger and Sandra Goldsworthy will explore use of e-learning and human simulation strategies