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Submitted by lsea on Fri, 06/12/2015 - 3:33pm

We are here to support your research projects at every step of the way. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

University of Calgary 
Professional Faculties Building,  PF2250 
M-F 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

If you would like our assistance, please click on this link to submit an electronic service request.  We will be in contact with you shortly to discuss the services requested.

Research Office Service Request Form 

After we complete a task or project for you, you can use the link below that will direct you to an evaluation form. Please let us know how you think we did with our service.

Evaluation of Services provided by the Nursing Research Office Form

Services Overview

Pre-Award Support

The Research Office can assist with the following to assist with your success in receiving a research award:

  • Research proposal development
  • Statistical consultation
  • Navigating application processes (internal and external)
  • Ensuring completeness of applications
  • Resubmission of applications
  • Compiling Canadian Common CVs and Web CVs
  • Obtaining budget quotes
  • Checking the budget
  • Undergraduate studentship application processes

Post-Award Support

Once you have received an award, we can help with the following:

  • Navigating the ethics process
  • Project implementation
  • Data collection assistance
  • Data analysis
  • Statistical consultation
  • Project management support
  • Progress and final reports
  • End-of-project dissemination

The Research Office also: 

  • Signs all research grant and ethics applications requiring Faculty of Nursing approval.
  • Coordinates competitions for and administer the Faculty of Nursing internal awards (including Research Endowment Awards, Bridge Funding Grants, Professional Education Research Grants, and the Qatar Research Planning Grants). 
  • Provides assistance and guidance in accessing peer review. 
  • Assists students with studentship/ fellowship applications.

Writing/Dissemination/Research Translation Support

In addition to one-on-one assistance, the Research Office:

  • Offers research capacity and development seminars/workshops.
  • Offers writing services (through a collaborative process), including:
  • Journal articles
  • Abstracts
  • Conference posters
  • Final reports
  • Responding to reviews
  • Development of student proposals, thesis/dissertation, or studentship
  • Provides research-related materials (including texts on grant writing, various methodologies, techniques, etc.). 
  • Circulates a monthly Research Digest, which identifies research funding and conference opportunities.
  • Collaborates with the Faculty of Nursing Associate Dean of Research, Dean, and the Senior Manager, Communications to enhance the research profiles of both the Faculty of Nursing and individual faculty researchers and graduate students.
  • Maintains records of all research grants in the Faculty of Nursing, as well as other research-related performance indicators.
  • Coordinates and collates data for the Associate Dean of Research, the Dean, and the VP Research regarding the research performance of the Faculty of Nursing.
  • Responds to university and government requests regarding development and evaluation of research initiatives and strategic research directions.

Operational Support

The office supports the day-to-day operation of the research space to ensure all equipment and resources are available to students and faculty members. This includes:

  • Photocopy/printing accounts for graduate students
  • Booking the Research Office space for specific use (e.g. class or research purposes)

Forms to request services from the Research Office

If you would like our assistance, please submit the forms below. Downloading the pdfs will allow you to fill in the forms on the computer:

Research Grant Application Service Request Form (pdf)

Research Office Service Request Form (pdf)

Research Assistant Application

Our Nursing Research Office keeps a file of undergraduate and graduate students willing to do various types of research work. Please complete and submit the following form. Application for Research Assistantship Form