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Submitting Your Proposal



Obtaining Signatures

Research-related documents that require a signature from the Faculty of Nursing (i.e. grant applications, ethics applications, post-doctoral and graduate student research proposals, etc.) will be signed by the Associate Dean Research (ADR). In the absence of the ADR, the Dean or Acting Dean can provide the required signature. The Research Services Office (RSO) will not accept grant applications that have not been signed. This also applies to the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) and the Post-Doctoral Office (PDO). Should you have any doubts about who should sign your document, please contact Nicole Stubley (Research Facilitator).

To obtain the Faculty of Nursing signature and provide adequate time for review, please submit the document to be signed in its final and complete form (including ALL appendices, etc.) to Nicole Stubley no later than three weeks prior to the agency deadline, or one week prior to the RSO, FGS, or PDO deadline.

Following review of the document (by both the Research Facilitator and the ADR), you will be advised as to any changes required prior to signature. Once the document is signed, it will be returned to Nicole Stubley, who will take a scanned copy of the complete document for the Research Office records, and notify the applicant when the application is available for pick-up.

A Note on Deadlines

Although you should adhere to the above noted timelines as closely as possible, the Research Office is aware that sometimes the application timeline becomes unavoidably condensed. Should you find yourself in such a situation, please contact Nicole Stubley to set up an alternative timeline for submission and signatures.

*Please note that the Research Office is not responsible for making required copies of a document, or for delivering it to the next step of the application process.*