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Welcome to the Faculty of Nursing teaching and learning webpages. The vision and mission in the faculty strategic plan speaks to how teaching and learning is at the heart of our work in the Faculty of Nursing.

 It is our vision to advance the practice of nursing and promote human health through research and learning. As we work together to achieve this vision, professors and instructors, administrators, graduate and undergraduate students will gather together in many different contexts to consider what it means to practice nursing, to learn how to become nurses, and to push at the boundaries of knowledge and practice in our discipline. Engaging with the scholarship of teaching and learning makes this vision possible.

The faculty mission states:

Our graduates are prepared for leadership and practice in varied roles and settings, in local and global contexts, and with diverse populations through integration of nursing education and research. Infused with curiosity and driven by passionate determination, we embrace opportunities for innovation and transform health systems for the future.

Attention to the relationships and practices that arise in teaching and learning contexts is enabling. As we think about how to sustain excellent teaching and learning practice, and as these practices become embedded in classroom, clinical, and other contexts, we make possible a scholarly context that is curious, engaged, energized, and passionate. All members of the faculty are the beneficiaries of a robust, dynamic, scholarly environment.