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Undergraduate Nursing Society (UNS)

The Undergraduate Nursing Society (UNS) is a student organization offering leadership and participatory opportunities with members chosen/elected by their peers. UNS endeavours to enrich the lives of nursing students professionally, academically and  socially through a variety of initiatives including faculty, university and community volunteerism, fundraising  for causes inside and outside the faculty and events. The UNS plays a vital role in communication to nursing students across all years of the undergraduate program.

UNS executive members sit on a number of faculty committees, providing opportunities to learn – and potentially have a say – about the governance of the faculty . All students are encouraged to become involved in any way that is comfortable: email is checked on a regular basis at and participation in any form is always welcome.

Here is a more detailed description of each executive position:

Arielle Manzano  - President
The President serves as the chairperson of UNS Council meetings, orients new members of the UNS, and acts as the official liaison and spokesperson for the UNS with faculty, members of the press and community, and fellow UNS members.
Megan D'Souza - VP Academic
He/she organizes extra-curricular activities relating to academics such as volunteering opportunities and peer mentorship programs. He/she also organizes academic activities of educational nature, including but not limited to CPR certification courses and lab kit distribution.
Jonathan Yang - VP External
The Vice President External maintains liaisons with other faculties, U of C Career Services, and organizations external to the U of C as designated by the UNS Council such as the Calgary Health Region/Alberta Health Services and the Canadian Nursing Students' Association.
David Shao - VP Finance
The Vice President Finance is responsible for any financial and budget matters within the UNS such as UNS membership fees, graduation accounts, scholarship accounts, and activities and projects accounts.
Jordan Swiatkowski - VP Events
The Vice President Events organizes non-academic extra-curricular events, such as cabarets or lunches. He/she forms liaisons with the VP Events or equivalent of other clubs and the event organizers from the graduation committee and report all events to the Students' Union Clubs' Committee.
Leslie Chau - VP Communications
The Vice President Communications is responsible for creating meeting agendas, emailing members and all nursing students about faculty events and opportunitiesand regulating the D2L website for UNS.
Jessica Revington - University of Calgary Students’ Union Rep
The SU rep is a liaison between nursing students and the Students' Union. The rep sits on the Students' Legislative Council to give nursing students a strong voice in decisions that will affect the daily life of students on campus. For more information, visit: