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Undergraduate Student Involvement in Research

Are you an undergraduate student interested in getting involved in research while completing your Bachelor of Nursing degree?

The University of Calgary is a research university, which means that professoriate level members of faculty have research programs in addition to their teaching responsibilities. As part of their research activities, faculty provide supervision and mentorship to both graduate and undergraduate students in learning what is involved in conducting research.

Student research assistants (RAs) can work with research teams on any part of the research process, depending on the type of research, experience, and the needs for each project, under the direction of the faculty researcher.

Please note that although you learn about research methods and evidence appraisal as part of the undergraduate program, we do not have opportunities for credit to conduct research. It is part of the purpose of the University of Calgary and of the Faculty of Nursing, however, to promote research and to develop research expertise at all levels.

It can be a stimulating and enriching experience for undergraduates to be part of a research team during their time in the program. Beginning research experience is very valuable for students who are considering going on to post-graduate education, but also for students planning a clinical career it is worthwhile to get some experience and insight into how nursing knowledge for practice is developed.

Please see the links below for opportunities to become involved in research: