Resources and supports available to help you or someone you know, both on and off campus


At the Faculty of Nursing, we care for each other by building psychological health and safety among ourselves and among people we serve.


To create a culture within the Faculty of Nursing that honours not just our academic and professional excellence, but also our personal wellness.


We are anchored and guided by the values outlined in the Faculty of Nursing Strategic Plan "Leading the Pursuit of Nursing Excellence" and the guiding principles of the University of Calgary Campus Mental Health Strategy: Creating a Community of Caring to achieve and sustain mental health and wellness at the Faculty of Nursing.

Enhance your mental health with these supports for students

Podcast: UCalgary Mindfulness

Podcast: UCalgary Mindfulness

UCalgary Mindfulness podcast presents Stepping Out of Reactivity, an eight-part mindfulness series. The practice of mindfulness is for everyone. It is a meditation practice that can reduce stress and anxiety and improve attention and creativity, supporting our daily functioning.

Our first season is led by UCalgary Nursing doctoral student Julia Imanoff, MN, RN, PNC (C) and instructor Justin Burkett BN RN, Masters Student. Brought to you by the University of Calgary’s Campus Mental Health Strategy.

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Putting care in healthcare - A world where livingworks podcast

Putting Care in Healthcare

Listen to this LivingWorks podcast with Dr. Jacqueline Smith and president of the Singapore Association of Social Workers Chey May Long.  

The episode is all about healthcare, hospitals, and essential workers and finding the balance between education, understanding, and peer support when it comes to suicide prevention in healthcare.

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What is psychological health and safety?

Psychological health and safety is embedded in the way people interact with one another on a daily basis and is part of the way working conditions and management practices are structured and the way decisions are made and communicated. 

(CSA group, 2013)

A psychologically healthy and safe workplace is one that promotes and supports employee mental health and wellbeing by assessing and addressing how policies, processes, practices, and interactions affect employees, the workplace environment, and the campus culture.

The university is committed to ensuring psychological health and safety. The National Standard is a set of guidelines for organizations to support a psychologically healthy workplace.

Dr. Curt Johnston talks about psychological safety - specifically how it relates to frontline health-care teams and how it can affect patient safety. Listen to this AHS Podcast

This image was adapted from: Maben, Taylor & Bridges (2020), "Guidance to support nurses’ psychological well-being during Covid-19 crisis" Available at

COVID-19 psychological well-being evidence informed guidance

Guidance to support nurses’ psychological well-being during COVID-19 crisis, by Maben, J. Taylor, C. and Bridges, J. (2020)

This guidance is designed to be used by all nursing team members across health and social care settings and may need tailoring for different contexts.

Guarding Minds at Work

Guarding Minds at Work

Guarding Minds is an evidenced based survey tool that will be used by the UCalgary Nursing Mental Health & Wellness team to assess the psychological health and safety of faculty, staff and students

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Staff Wellness

Mental Health

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Mental Health Support Following Critical Incident

A Leader's Guide

What is a Critical Incident?

Everyone experiences the world differently and there is no single way to define a critical incident, but generally a critical incident is an unexpected and unusual event perceived by an individual as being threatening or traumatic.

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Impairment in the Workplace

A Leader's Guide

What is Impairment?

To be impaired is to have diminished physical and mental control for any length of time. Impairment can be temporary, long term, or permanent and can result in changes to physical appearance, behavior, and job performance.

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To help build community emergency preparedness at UCalgary, multiple training opportunities are offered for faculty and staff throughout the year. Registration for UCalgary courses is managed through Enterprise Learning and are free to employees.

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Community and Campus Resources

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Workshops & Programs

There are various internal and external training and workshops available for employees and managers.

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Occupational hazards: Compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma and burnout. Read this Canadian Nurse article

Campus Mental Health Educational Resources

Engage students, faculty and staff with information about mental health on campus in a variety of ways.

Find things like a Course Outline Statement, Student Mental Health Resource Slides and Workplace Mental Health Minute materials and more here.

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Healthy Campus Alberta

Healthy Campus Alberta is a community of practice made up of committed individuals and organizations who have a shared mission to create an inclusive, collaborative, and community-integrated approach to mental health and wellness on campuses. 

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Putting yourself back together Read this Canadian Nurse article

Compassionate ‘zero-suicide’ prevention on campuses needed

Compassionate ‘zero-suicide’ prevention on campuses needed

Even with a concerted response to improve mental health at universities, mental health crises still occur. The issue of suicide has been in the news lately, and students are looking to universities to respond.


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