Message from Director

Dr. Sandra Goldsworthy, PhD, RN, CNCC(C), CMSN(C), CCSNE
Director, Blended and Online Teaching Technology

My goal is to support our faculty members in their professional development by connecting them with opportunities to develop innovative teaching and learning strategies aimed at increasing student engagement and deep learning.

My program of research is in simulation education and I look forward to working with you to find ways to increase experiential learning through different simulation modalities (i.e. high fidelity human simulation, virtual simulation, standardized patients and augmented reality) for our students.

Working with collaborators on and off campus, including the Taylor Institute, I will be striving to strengthen and encourage more interdisciplinary and more interprofessional partnerships.

Please share your ideas with me!

Dr. Sandra Goldsworthy PhD, RN
Director, Blended and Online Learning Technology