Deborah Pinter

Adjunct Clinical Associate


Masters of Continuing Education

University of Calgary, 2004

Bachelor of Zoology

University of Calgary, 1998


University of Calgary, 1996

Diploma in Nursing

Foothills Hospital School of Nursing, 1990

Contact information

Research and teaching

Research Interests

  • Developing efficient team based documentation
  • Building clinical decision supports into electronic health records
  • Executive nursing leadership and the role in implementing health care technology


Debbie is passionate about the development of evidence informed best practice clinical standards that are used at point of care. She is the Executive Director of the Clinical Guidance & Content Management (CKCM) Program, within Alberta Health Services. Debbie leads a team of clinical informaticians who use innovative approaches to engage physicians, nurses and other health care professionals to develop and adjudicate clinical knowledge to build into clinical information systems.

Motivating Debbie’s passion is her educational experiences and working in health care for over 25 years. She has a broad and diverse nursing career in critical care and corrections. She has designed and implemented health care technology in both corporate and clinical environments and has a keen interest to use data to improve processes and health outcomes.