Kharah Ross

Postdoctoral Fellow

Faculty of Nursing


Northwestern University


University of British Columbia

BSc (Hon, Psychology)

University of Calgary

BSc (Biological Sciences)

University of Calgary

Contact information


Professional Faculties Building: PF2282


Research Interests

  • Health psychology
  • Behavioral science
  • Psychoneuroimmunology


Kharah Ross is an interdisciplinary researcher, specializing in the areas of health psychology, behavioral science and psychoneuroimmunology. Her research investigates the role of social connections in predicting and understanding cardio-metabolic and immune health, with a focus on maternal-child health and pregnancy outcomes.

Dr. Ross' research is inherently interdisciplinary, and she has collaborated and published with experts from a diversity of backgrounds, including nursing, obstetrics, epidemiology, biostatistics, biochemistry, genetics, sociology, anthropology, and clinical, social and developmental psychology. She is thrilled to be back in beautiful Alberta, and is busy getting reacquainted with the food and art scene in Calgary.


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