Leah Foster

Adjunct Clinical Associate



University of Toronto, 2013


University of Calgary, 2005

Contact information


Leah is a paediatric Nurse Practitioner with Neurocritical Care at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. She has worked in paediatrics for over 15 years as a registered nurse and a nurse practitioner, with a passion for caring for critically ill children and their families.

She works to the full NP scope of practice within her current role; assessing, diagnosing and treating critically ill patients with neurological concerns in both the pediatric and neonatal intensive care units, as well as children admitted to the inpatient units with traumatic brain injuries. Leah follows these patients and their families longitudinally once they are discharged from hospital, in an independent outpatient clinic.

Leah’s areas of research interest include parental stress and coping in families of neurocritically ill children, as well as the education, implementation and evaluation of neurological assessment tools in paediatrics.