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New Academic Requirements (AR) tool

On March 16, 2017 the first phase of the new Academic Requirements (AR) tool will be rolled out in the Faculty of Nursing. The AR tool will replace the existing Degree Navigator (DN) tool used to help you determine your academic requirements.

Why we’re upgrading to Academic Requirements?

  • The aging DN tool needs to be replaced
  • You’ll be able to access more accurate and efficient real-time reporting on your academic program
  • Your new experience will be more consistent with existing campus solutions
  • Less chance of error by not replicating information from PeopleSoft to DN
  • Future benefits include: faster notification on your application to graduate, warnings on courses not linked to your academic plan and better space and course planning

You will now notice a new option in the PeopleSoft Academic Requirements menu.

Watch the video tutorial below on how to find and use Academic Requirements.