Event Support Request

Do you have an upcoming event? Are you bringing visiting scholars to campus or hosting guests on behalf of the Faculty of Nursing?

If you require support from the Faculty of Nursing Development, Alumni Engagement and Communications (DAC) Office, please fill out this form with details so we can assess and prioritize incoming requests. Our event coordinator Emily St. Pierre will contact you once you submit your form.

Keep in mind that events should have a Faculty of Nursing focus in order for the team to assist with coordination and promotion. We may not be able accommodate every request due to availability and workload and fit. The more info you can provide on this form, the easier it will be for the team to assess the level of support we can provide. 

Please allow for 2-3 working days for a response and if possible, try to give us at least 60-90 days notice before your event so we can plan and promote accordingly.

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