Exceptional Alumnus Award

The Exceptional Alumnus Award recognizes a University of Calgary Faculty of Nursing graduate whose noteworthy professional achievements in their field and outstanding personal accomplishments have been acknowledged by their peers and have contributed to the health system through patient care, research or health-care-related services. The nominee will have demonstrated the highest principles of the nursing profession and served as a role model for current and future health-care professionals. Based in the community, the nominee acts as an ambassador for the faculty, our alumni and the nursing profession.  The ideal candidate would have specific experience in a volunteer capacity with UCalgary Nursing Alumni Committee.


The Faculty of Nursing Pursuit of Excellence Exceptional Alumnus Award is open to Faculty of Nursing alumni not currently employed by the Faculty of Nursing in a paid position.

Nomination Process

Nominations are welcomed from anyone within or outside the Faculty of Nursing. The nominee must be a graduate of the Faculty of Nursing (undergrad or graduate or both) and agree to the nomination. A completed nomination form must be accompanied by one signed letter of reference and speak directly to the criteria. The letter may be from the nominator.

Only completed nominations will be accepted (see the nomination form for details). If your nomination is missing any of the supporting documentation, it will be returned to you for completion if there is time.

Use Criteria with Examples

We strongly encourage you to explicitly incorporate the criteria of the specific award with clear examples for each criteria when writing your letter of nomination or support. This not only assists you, as nominator, to highlight the important and relevant attributes of your nominee, it gives the selection committee very clear details about the qualifications of the candidate with examples of their achievements, and enhances the overall nomination.

Reference the Correct Award and Category

We know many people are asked to submit letters of support for deserving nominees for a Faculty of Nursing Pursuit of Excellence Award. We also recognize that many of you write multiple letters for the same person for different awards. We, therefore, ask you to please carefully proofread your letter so that you are making reference to supporting your nominee for a Pursuit of Excellence award ONLY (not a U Make a Difference, a President’s Award for Excellence in Student Leadership, etc).

While referring to another award may not disqualify your candidate, it does not reflect positively on your commitment to the nomination for a Pursuit of Excellence Award in the Faculty of Nursing.


  • Significantly contributed to the profession of nursing and demonstrated commitment, dedication and service to UCalgary Nursing alumni
  • Impacted their community through service and acts as an inspirational role model to others, particularly UCalgary Nursing alumni
  • Demonstrates leadership abilities
  • Acts as an ambassador for the Faculty of Nursing, our alumni and the nursing profession

We strongly encourage you to use the criteria to craft your letter of nomination. Adherence to the criteria of the award enhances the overall nomination.

Award Selection Process

The Faculty of Nursing Pursuit of Excellence Awards Committee will review all nominations and select the candidate they feel best exemplifies the criteria for the award. The number of nominations an individual receives may favourably impact the outcome. If the committee feels there is no clear choice, they may choose not to give an award in this category.

In the event a member of the committee is nominated for an award, the member will excuse himself/herself from deliberations for this award.

Additionally, no committee member may support a nomination with a letter of reference.

Because the Faculty of Nursing Pursuit of Excellence Awards are a renaming of the Covenant Health Faculty of Nursing Awards, no previous recipient may be nominated. Visit our website for reference.