Post-Master's Nurse Practitioner (PMNP)

Post-Master's Nurse Practitioner (PMNP)

The Faculty of Nursing offers a Post-Master’s Nurse Practitioner (NP) Diploma program that prepares students to be eligible for licensing as a Nurse Practitioner by the College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA). Experienced nurses prepare to practice as adult health nurse practitioners, primarily in acute care settings. Nurse Practitioners engage in the full scope of nursing practice including medical diagnosis, ordering of diagnostic tests, and prescription of drugs.

The NP Diploma program is designed for full-time studies over a 1.5-year period with a focus on adult health nurse practitioner preparation.

The NP Diploma can be pursued as a stand-alone program at the post-master’s level, or in conjunction with the Master of Nursing course-based degree program. In this integrated program route (commonly referred to as the MN/NP), students earn a Master’s degree and the NP Diploma concurrently.

Application deadlines

Please note that all supporting documentation must be received by the deadline in order for applications to be considered complete and available for faculty to review.

Important Notes on Admission

Academic Requirements

  • Hold a master’s degree, normally in nursing.
  • Have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 in the master’s degree
  • Have a minimum of 3 years full-time clinical practice as a Registered Nurse (4,500 hours) in the area appropriate to the proposed Nurse Practitioner (NP) focus.
  • Present evidence of active nursing registration in Alberta through CARNA—College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta

The future offerings of the NP Program are contingent on the availability of funding and faculty resources. Also, please note that the MN/NP program is capped. We receive a significant number of applications from qualified students for whom we do not have space. As part of our competitive process, applicants will be rated according to overall GPA, grades in courses relevant to the program, references, the quality of the application essay, and the number of (adult-focused) clinical hours. Applicants are expected to enter the program with a significant level of expertise in their intended area of focus.

Documents for application package

Below are links to forms that need to be completed after you have submitted your online application for admission.

Statement of Intent

The application process includes an opportunity for you to consider your current preparation and future goals. This personal declaration will offer the admissions committee evidence of your knowledge, commitment, and the experience that you hold as you pursue advanced preparation in Nursing. You will be required to submit a 1-2 page essay outlining your interest in the Post-Master’s Nurse Practitioner Diploma program Please address the following in a 1-2 page essay, which you will then upload on your student centre after you have submitted the online application:

  • Describe your professional experience as a nurse to date and how this preparation has prepared you for future education in the Post-Master’s Nurse Practitioner Diploma program
  • Clearly identify your clinical area of focus.
  • What has led you to apply for this particular graduate program?
  • What are your goals upon completion of the program?
  • Any additional information you wish to provide to the admissions committee.

Transcripts from ALL post-secondary

This includes transcripts from the institutions where the degree was awarded, from any institution where any transfer credit was received towards a program of study, or from where any independent coursework was taken.

  • Please request that official transcripts be sent to the attention of: 
    Graduate Programs, Faculty of Nursing, PF 2259, 2500 University Drive NW, Calgary AB T2N 1N4

Clinical Reference

The application for admission to the Post-Master’s Nurse Practitioner program requires a clinical reference. The online application system will automatically send a link to the reference request form to your assigned referee, after you have submitted your online application.

Download reference form for NP program

After Admission into the Program

Documents required following offer of admission

Once you received an offer of admission to the program, you will be expected to provide the following:

  • Immunization record: All graduate students will be required to meet the UCalgary immunization standards. Please refer to FN008-01: Immunization Requirements for All Nursing Students on the Policies and Procedures page.
  • Security Clearance Letter: Alberta Health Services requires security clearance checks for all nursing students including graduate students who will be doing a practicum or research in the region.
    • Applicants should request the Police Security Clearance check no longer than 3 months prior to entering their program.
  • A copy of your current CPR Certification at the Basic Rescuer or Basic Cardiac Life Support or “C” level.

Please do not submit these documents until you have received an offer of admission to the program.

Required Courses

  • Nursing 661 Advanced Pathophysiology and Therapeutics
  • Nursing 663 Pharmacotherapeutics in Advanced Nursing Practice
  • Nursing 665 Advanced Health Assessment
  • Nursing 642 Nurse Practitioner Practicum I
  • Nursing 644 Nurse Practitioner Practicum II
  • Nursing 646 Nurse Practitioner Practicum III
  • Nursing 650 Nurse Practitioner Practicum IV

For the Nurse Practitioner practicum component of the integrated MN/NP and for the PMNP, there are additional requirements:

  • Mandatory participation of NP students in all activities related to practicum courses. NP students' practicum experiences may be scheduled at various hours, including evenings, nights and weekends. Practicum experiences may also extend outside the normal academic term. Normally, a student will not be permitted to withdraw from a NP practicum course in order to avoid a failing grade in that course.
  • Students in either the MN/NP or the PMNP will not be permitted to proceed with Nursing 642 if their cumulative grade point average prior to commencing Nursing 642 is less than 3.00.

The NP Diploma program requires a final comprehensive examination that consists of a practical and an oral examination to be completed within one day. Both the practical and oral examinations will be based on the knowledge and skills learned throughout the NP Program.

For more details on these courses, visit the Grad Calendar.

Still have questions about applying? Contact the Graduate Programs Office