UCalgary Bachelor of Nursing - Direct Entry

Bachelor of Nursing - Direct Entry

For students entering the Bachelor of Nursing program directly from high school 

  • 4-year program

  • September entry only

  • September to April course schedule with May to August break

NOTE: Applicants must be entering directly from high school or be presenting no more than three half-course equivalent transferable post-secondary courses (including University of Calgary courses).

Transfer students who do not qualify for the Direct Entry Route should refer to the Transfer Route admission requirements. 

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Transferring from a related program?

Prospective students who are currently in a nursing program at another institution or who have graduated from a LPN/RNA, RPN or PCA, EMS program, including internationally educated RNs, are directed to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for detailed information regarding transferability.  Individuals who wish to apply for admission, should contact a Student Advisor in the Faculty of Nursing prior to making application to the University of Calgary.

Indigenous Applicants and Diverse Qualifications

See the Indigenous Admission Process or the Diverse Qualifications Process for further information.

Still have questions about applying? Contact the Undergraduate and Graduate Programs Office