Required Documentation

Police information check and vulnerable sector search

All applicants admitted to the Faculty of Nursing are required to provide a current Police Information Check (also referred to as a Criminal Record Check) which must include a Vulnerable Sector Search.

In order to be considered “current”, the Police Information Check must be completed during the three months prior to admission.

  • June 1 – August 31 for Fall Admission
  • October 1 – December 31 for Winter Admission
  • Feb 1 - April 30 for Spring Admission

The original Police Information Check must be presented to a Faculty of Nursing Graduate Student Advisor (Professional Faculties 2279 University of Calgary), either electronically or in person (original copy), no later than one week prior to the first day of classes. Without this documentation, admission to the Faculty of Nursing will be rescinded.

Students who are concerned about the presence of a criminal record should contact the police department to discuss the process for eliminating or erasing such a record. 

Failure to present a clear Police Information Check may result in admission being denied/rescinded. An internal University appeal process is available to applicants who are refused admission for this reason.

Subsequent to admission and at any time during the program, a student may be required to produce a current Police Information Check, the results of which could require their withdrawal from the program, in the sole discretion of the University. 

If you are charged or convicted of a criminal offense at any time during your enrollment in the program, you are required to inform the Faculty of Nursing Graduate Program Office immediately.

I've lived in Calgary more than 12 months

Students who have lived in Calgary for more than 12 months must arrange for a Police Information check and Vulnerable Sector Search through: Calgary Police Service - Police Information Check Unit.

If you're applying through the Calgary Police Service ePIC online system, the Agency Name is: "University of Calgary, Faculty of Nursing, Graduate Programs". You are applying for an "Unpaid Practicum" and do require a Vulnerable Sector Search. The Check will be provided electronically to the Faculty of Nursing. 

If applying "in person", you will need to present the original Check directly to a Graduate Programs Student Advisor in the Faculty of Nursing, who will record the status of the Check and immediately return it to you for safekeeping.

In order to verify that you will be involved in "unpaid" practicum experiences throughout your program, resulting in a reduced fee, you must provide the Calgary Police Service/RCMP Detachment with your official admission letter issued from the Faculty of Nursing.

I've moved to Calgary within the past 12 months

Students who have moved to Calgary within the past 12 months must complete the following three items:

  • Police Information Check and Vulnerable Sector Search through the Calgary Police Service, Police Information Check Unit (see above).
  • Once the results of the Police Information Check and Vulnerable Sector Search have been presented to the Faculty of Nursing, a “Statutory Declaration – Police Information Check” form will be provided for completion.
  • A new Police Information Check and Vulnerable Sector Search must be provided once 12 months of residency in Calgary has been reached.

I've not yet moved to Calgary yet

Students who have not yet moved to Calgary must arrange for a Police Information Check and Vulnerable Sector Search through the nearest local Police Service or RCMP detachment in the area where you currently reside.  

Please note this process must be initiated before you move to Calgary.