Dr. Nancy Moules, PhD, RN

Kids Cancer Care Foundation Chair in Child and Family Cancer Care

Largest gift in faculty's history creates Kids Cancer Care Foundation Chair in Child and Family Cancer Care

A $1-million gift from Calgary’s Kids Cancer Care to the Faculty of Nursing will build research and improve clinical interventions to help families heal from the psycho-social aspects of a childhood cancer diagnosis.

The first of its kind in Canada, the Kids Cancer Care Foundation Chair in Child and Family Cancer Care allows recipient Nancy Moules to continue her groundbreaking program of research in pediatric oncology.

Moules, a professor in the Faculty of Nursing and a member of the Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute, has focused her studies on the impact of cancer beyond the disease itself, such as strained marital and familial relationships, employment and financial difficulties, stress management and emotional exhaustion — experiences that are typically overshadowed by the cancer, its treatment and prognosis.

Moules is an award-winning scholar, teacher and researcher and is widely recognized for leading innovative research in this field. While she acknowledges the significant impact natural science research has had on reducing cancer mortality rates, decreasing side-effects, developing new cures and saving lives, she says there is another story that type of research doesn’t tell.

"The research we do into childhood cancers speaks to experiences — grandparents’ worries and efforts; the impact on the parental relationship; the experiences of boyfriends and girlfriends of adolescents with cancer; the impact of kids cancer camps — to name a few.  That’s what’s relevant to me and I am so honoured that Kids Cancer Care recognizes the value of this kind of research as well.”

Nancy Moules: Advice on Childhood Cancer

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A Digital Story by Matt Frank, research participant

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Research Team


  • Catherine Laing, RN, PhD, Associate Professor, Associate Dean (Undergraduate Program), Faculty of Nursing
  • Dianne Tapp, RN, PhD Professor, Faculty of Nursing
  • Graham McCaffrey, RN, PhD Associate Professor, Faculty of Nursing
  • Andrew Estefan, RPN, PhD Associate Professor, Faculty of Nursing
  • Jim Field, PhD Associate Professor, Graduate Program Director, Werklund School of Education 
  • Fiona Schulte, PhD, psychologist
  • Greg Guilcher, MD
  • Doug Strother, MD

Research Assistants

  • Annick Counihan
  • Michal Cherak
  • Phoenix Stone

Research Coordinator

  • Kate Beamer

Journal of Applied Hermeneutics Copy Editor

  • Dr. Angela Morck

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CASN Award for Nursing Education Excellence

CASN Award for Nursing Education Excellence

Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN), the national voice for nursing education, research and scholarship, awarded Nancy Moules the 2015 CASN Award for Nursing Education Excellence.

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