Data Collection

Guidance on using surveys, interviews & focus groups, and chart reviews to collect your data.

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The Qualtrics online survey platform is freely available to all UofC faculty, staff, and students. Sign-in with your UofC login and your account is automatically created. 

  • Keep an eye on your email for workshops hosted by the Nursing Research Office on how to use Qualtrics
  • If you are doing a paper survey, you can still use Qualtrics to build your survey and then you can create a paper version.

To find helpful guidance and resources, go to:

Interviews & Focus Groups

Collecting qualitative data from interviews and focus groups requires skill and practice. Please click below for guidance and tips for collecting this type of data.

Chart Reviews

Some Faculty of Nursing research projects include collecting patient health information from chart reviews (either retrospectively or prospectively).

Generally, for retrospective chart reviews, you may apply for a waiver of consent through the ethics board, but you will need to justify why this is necessary (e.g., impractical or not feasible to request patient consent given the number of charts or the dates of collection).

For additional guidance see the 'Chart Reviews' FAQ on CHREB's website.