Submitting External Funding Applications

All NOIs, LOIs, and grant applications to external funders require official signatures from the Faculty of Nursing and the University of Calgary (even if the funder does not ask for this).

The Nursing Research Office (NRO) facilitates the Faculty-level review and signature, while the Research Services Office (RSO) coordinates the University-level review and signature.

The NRO and RSO each provide two levels of application review prior to obtaining official signatures; one level is optional and one is required. You are encouraged to take advantage of the optional full review from each office. 

Please see below for details and deadlines

Full Review (optional)

This is a thorough review of the penultimate version of the full NOI/LOI or grant application; detailed feedback is provided for your consideration.

  • NRO deadline: two weeks before the Faculty-level basic review & sign-off deadline
  • RSO deadline: two weeks before the University-level basic review & sign-off deadline

(NOTE: if you wish to take advantage of both the NRO and RSO full reviews, please submit your documents to the NRO four weeks in advance of the Faculty-level basic review & sign-off deadline.)

Basic Review & Sign-off (required)

This is an administrative review of the final version of the full NOI/LOI or grant application prior to obtaining official signatures. The Research Facilitator and Associate Dean-Research (ADR) will provide feedback to the PI, who will also be advised on the Faculty deadline for uploading the final application to RMS to obtain the Faculty and University approval signatures.

  • NRO deadline: by Noon 3 working days prior to the RSO, Faculty of Graduate Studies, or Postdoctoral Office deadline
  • RSO deadline: by Noon 3 working days prior to the funder deadline (there are exceptions; please verify the RSO deadline with the Research Facilitator in advance)