Building Team Competencies through Interprofessional Virtual Simulations

Aim: To explore the impact of four virtual interprofessional simulation scenarios on increasing team competencies among undergraduate students.

Building Team Competencies through Interprofessional Virtual Simulations

Across health care, teamwork is clearly recognized as a priority for patient safety. There is growing evidence that interprofessional competencies lead to safer patient care and enhance knowledge, skills and behaviours among health-care providers. Simulation is being heralded as a transformative approach that can be used in teamwork training. There is no commonly accepted interprofessional education framework for students from both medicine and nursing; they are taught teamwork concepts in a sporadic and siloed approach. The opportunity to practice teamwork skills as a team versus in isolation is critical to patient safety.


In progress

Outputs: National and international presentations; manuscripts in progress

Principal Investigator

Dr. Sandra Goldsworthy

UCalgary research team: Dr. Ian Wishart, J.David Patterson, Shelley Samwel (doctoral trainee)


UCalgary Nursing, Faculty of Social Work and Cumming School of Medicine; Bow Valley College; SAIT; EMS

Grant support

UCalgary Taylor Institute Teaching Scholar Grant