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At its core, nursing research strives for improved models of care delivery and improved outcomes for patients.  In the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Calgary, our vibrant research community is made up of scholars who are achieving this in a number of key areas. Through their work, faculty members are demonstrating the multiple ways that research makes a difference. 

Research is integrated throughout our educational programs:  We encourage both our undergraduate and graduate students to experience research through collaboration with faculty members and active engagement in our defined research foci.  There are many funding opportunities for graduate students at the faculty level as well as campus-wide initiatives. As well, undergraduate students have the opportunity to explore research through collaborative studentships. All offer the chance to help shape the nursing profession as well as the health care system.

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In the Faculty of Nursing, we target two main areas:

Health Outcomes Across Multiple Populations and Multiple Settings including:

  • Care and Care Processes of Patients and Families with Chronic Health Problems
  • Culturally Diverse and Vulnerable/ At Risk Populations
  • Family Health
  • Care of the Older Adult: Emerging Area of Research

and Professional Education and Health Services Delivery including:

  • Teaching and Learning Strategies and Models of Education
  • Organization Structures and Processes

Research Profiles

Our faculty members and graduate students contribute in meaningful ways to the advancement of health outcomes and health services research.  To read profiles of some of these scholars, click here.

 Dr Shelley Raffin Bouchal  Dr Andrew Estefan  DDr Deborah White
 Dr Kathryn King  Dr Theresa Green  Dr Nancy Moules

Message from the
Associate Dean, Research


In early 2009, the Faculty of Nursing developed a strategic research plan to: better target critical areas of need amenable to nursing research, to guide faculty recruitment initiatives; and to increase research capacity among our current Faculty. We continue to assist in the expansion of the research capacity of our faculty members as well as our graduate students. Research in cardiovascular and cerebral health and child development, for example, has garnered national and international attention. There is also significant work in other areas such as vulnerable populations.

Our goal is to contribute in a meaningful way to improved health outcomes through translatable research. I encourage you to learn more about our diverse community of scholars by exploring our website.

Debbie White, RN PhD
Associate Professor
Associate Dean, Research