Welcome to Parenthood© (W2P©) – Calgary

Welcome to Parenthood© – Calgary: Enhancing Programming for Vulnerable Expectant Women

Welcome to Parenthood© (W2P©) is an innovative program that was developed to contribute to Alberta’s vision to ensure children grow up healthy and strong. W2P© supports parents (mothers, fathers, and other co-parents) who may be experiencing periods of vulnerability during the transition to parenthood.

W2P© was designed to help increase first-time parents’ knowledge of healthy pregnancies, learn positive parenting skills, manage stressors, and receive information and referrals to supports. W2P© has three components:

1. Brain-based parenting education

2. Mentorship from a specially trained adult in the family’s own social network

3. An evidence-based baby kit that contains essential items for newborns and that support positive early childhood outcomes

In partnership with four community agencies, we tested W2P© with pregnant women and their families who are experiencing vulnerability associated with poverty, social isolation, mental illness, addictions and family violence. W2P© – Calgary was delivered as an enhancement to the existing programs at these community organizations.


Current Study Status: Analysis in Progress

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Principal Investigator: Karen Benzies PhD, RN

Analysis in progress. Results will be shared soon.

Analysis in progress. Results will be shared soon.

Sponsors and Partners

The Benzies Lab would like to acknowledge funding from the Ministry of Human Services, Government of Alberta and support from our valued partners: 

  • Calgary Urban Society (CUPS)
  • Alberta Health Services (AHS) Best Beginning
  • Elbow River Healing Lodge
  • The Alex