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Publications related to RESOLVE's Research and Work

Publications are ordered by year, starting with the newest publications.

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Kurbatfinski, S., Letourneau, N., Luis, M. A., Conlin, J., Holton, M., Biletsky, R., Hanrieder, R., Hansen, J., & Barber, B. (2023). The Evaluation of a Domestic Abuse Response Team Program in an Emergency Department. Journal of Family Violence.

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Anis*, L., LetourneauSA, N., Benzies, K., Ewashen, C., & Hart, M. (2020). The effect of the Attachment & Child Health (ATTACH) parent training program on parent-child interaction quality and child development. Canadian Journal of Nursing Research, 52, 157-168.

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Letourneau, N., Anis*, L., Ntanda, H., Novick, J., Steele, M., Steele, H., & Hart*, M. (accepted). Attachment & Child Health (ATTACH) pilot trials: Effect of parental reflective function intervention for families affected by toxic stress. Infant Mental Health Journal.

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Click here to download a PDF of the list