Who We Are


RESOLVE is one of five research centres on family violence and violence against women that the federal government established in 1992, following the 1989 murder of 14 women at Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal, QC. The five centres have formed an alliance and undertaken national studies. Our initial focus was on the victimization of girls and women but overtime our agenda has broadened in response to our growing understanding of violence in our society, without losing sight of the heightened risks faced by girls and women.

Picture of Nicole Letourneau

Dr. Nicole Letourneau


(May 2012 - Present)

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Image of Andrea Deane

Andrea Deane

Program Manager

(June 2013 - Present)

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Image of Peggy Holmes

Peggy Holmes

Research Administrator

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Image of Keira Poelzer

Keira Poelzer

Research Assistant

(January 2019 - Present)

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Carrie Pohl Bio Image

Carrie Pohl

Project Director

(December 2020 - Present)

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Olivia Giacobbo RA Profile Image

Olivia Giacobbo

Research Assistant

(February 2020 - Present)

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Susanne Marshall RA Profile image

Susanne Marshall

Research Assistant

(February 2020 - Present)

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Jason Novick Profile image

Jason Novick

Project Coordinator of Examining the Nature and Context if IPV in the 2SLGBTQ+ Community research project

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Get Involved

There are many ways for individuals, groups and social agencies to get involved, contact us if you:

  • Are interested in one of the research areas or a new field of study involving violence and abuse;
  • Have identified a research need and would like to develop a project in collaboration with us;
  • Would like to receive news about seminars, conferences, and public addresses we will be sponsoring;
  • Would like RESOLVE publications and research reports and
  • Would like to volunteer at RESOLVE.