2015 Covenant Health Faculty of Nursing Awards

Nominees and recipients

The nominees and recipients of the 2015 Covenant Health Faculty of Nursing  Awards were recognized at a luncheon May 12, 2015.

This recognition program, started in 2011, is an initiative to acknowledge leadership, excellence and teamwork within our community of students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Thanks once again to our partners, Covenant Health, Canada’s largest Catholic provider of health care: Shelley Buchan, Site Administrator, Banff Mineral Springs Hospital for opening remarks and to Sandi Vanderzee, Corporate Director, Professional Practice, Libraries & Research, who presented the recipients with their awards. 

Advancement of Nursing Research Award

Recipient: Karen Benzies 
Nominator: Kathryn King-Shier

Outstanding Nursing Graduate Student Award

Recipient: Jackie Smith 
Nominator: Nancy Moules; Shelagh McConnell 

Nominee: Elizabeth Keys 
Nominator: Meredith Brockway

Outstanding Nursing Graduate Teaching Award

Recipient: Carol Ewashen 
Nominator: Heather Conradson and Jane Werunga 

Nominee: Graham McCaffrey 
Nominator: Julia Imanoff

Team Award

Recipient: Term 4 
Nominator: Gayle Rutherford

Term 4 Team members: 

Team Lead: Zahra Shajani

  • Graham McCaffrey 
  • Linda Duffet-Leger 
  • Diana Snell 
  • Carla Ferreira 
  • Georgina Bagstad 
  • Liz Benson 
  • Merilee Brockway 
  • Kathleen Davidson 
  • Yvonne Hayne 
  • Tammy Hnatyshyn 
  • Megan Kirkpatrick 
  • Jenny Langille 
  • Aaron Li 
  • Stacy Oke 
  • Dave Patterson 
  • Jodie Steffan 
  • Sandy Strachan 
  • Andrew Waddington 
  • Barb Whitworth

Outstanding Nursing Undergraduate Student Award

Recipient: Deborah Wasylenko 
Nominator: Karen Benzies

Nominee: Kimberly Lo 
Nominator: Leonie Tesorero

Nominee: Mia Torres 
Nominator: Donya Pashapour

Outstanding Nursing Undergraduate Teaching Award

Recipient: Cydnee Seneviratne 
Nominator: Donya Pashapour

Nominee: Sara Ogrodnick 
Nominator: Jessica Bonaparte

Nominee: Barb Whitworth 
Nominator: Kimberley Lo & Marta Robichaud

ASPIRE (internal) Award

Recipient: Helen Laqua (not pictured) 
Nominator: Kara Sealock

Nominee: Brenda Bode 
Nominator: Brenda Toth

Nominee: Jennifer Carkner 
Nominator: Nancy Moules

ASPIRE (external) Award

Recipient: Ali Cada, Alzheimer Society of Canada 
Nominator: Julie Burns

Nominee: Karen Corry 
Nominator: Maria Sosa Ponce