NurseMentor group at Fall 2019 Mingle

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Mentorship key to navigating transition from nursing school to registered nurse career

In NurseMentor, both emergency nurse Kate Brown and fourth-year student mentee Moez Arhuoma find support and opportunities

Arctic flight nurse and UCalgary Nursing student forge strong bond through NurseMentor

UCalgary nursing alumna Jen Isaac, BN'15, and second-year student Britanie Thomas provide insight into their unique and mutually enriching mentorship experience

Just do it: a mentor’s advice on joining NurseMentor 

UCalgary Nursing alumna Karen Lane, BN’05, MN’14 shares her rewarding experience as a first-time mentor

From student to mentor: UCalgary Nursing alumna finds her niche

Keelin Fenske, BN'22 uses her insights as a former mentee and new RN to offer valuable resources and support to first-year nursing students

UCalgary mentorship expert shares her simple mentoring tips

UCalgary Nursing assistant professor Dr. Lorelli Nowell MN’12, PhD’17 shares tips around establishing a good nursing mentoring relationship

Alumni nurses reunite and reminisce on their nursing journeys

Arlene Johnston BN’79, Med’81 and Wes Radulski BN’82 first met at Rockyview General Hospital and still maintain ties to UCalgary Nursing today

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