Contemporary Topics in Aging

Contemporary Topics in Aging

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The Contemporary Topics in Aging certificate is uniquely tailored to support the development of advanced skills and knowledge in the care of older adults. Whether you are working with older adults in an acute care specialty unit, community health service, or in a long-term care or supported living facility, this certificate offers the opportunity to advance your nursing practice and to tailor your learning to meet your particular needs.

The online approach focuses on learning within the context of practice and is flexible to meet student learning needs. The certificate covers theoretical understandings of aging and care of older adults across multiple contexts, geriatric assessment. focused study opportunities, and quality improvement (theory and practice).

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Aging Graduate Certificate gives nurses flexible path to MN

Three nurses share how their jobs and school aligned as they took UCalgary Nursing's Contemporary Topics in Aging certificate while working during a pandemic

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Graduate Certificate Connect Dates

**Next intake Fall 2025

UCalgary Nursing offers all Graduate Certificate courses online.

All courses in this program require students to attend instructor-led Connect Days, which are delivered online at scheduled dates and times (as listed in course outline). Students who do not attend Connect Days will normally be withdrawn from the associated course, as per the Graduate Calendar.

Student Connect days are scheduled in a virtual format.


Required Courses

**Next intake Fall 2025

NURS 602 - Fall 2025

Theoretical Perspectives in Older Adults and Aging Societies      

Overview of contemporary and emerging issues associated with aging populations. Students will consider the provision of health and possible systems transformation across different care continuums and explore their roles in the care of older adults at individual, community, and population levels


NURS 604 - Winter 2026

Comprehensive Assessment and Care of the Older Adult

Philosophy and principles of assessing and caring for the aging person. The impact of age-related changes that contribute to older adults’ presentation and the responses to therapeutic management will be explored. Students will utilize this knowledge and explore how it relates to advanced practice. 

*Prerequisite(s): NURS 602

NURS 606 - Spring 2026

Focused Studies in Aging: Enhancing Quality Initiatives in Practice for Older Adults 

Explores contemporary clinical issues of significance to an older adult population. Students will select a current challenge to address. Also covers principles of practice development and practice improvement using a quality improvement framework and initiates development of a practice project plan. 

*Prerequisite(s): NURS 604

NURS 608 - Summer 2026

Specialized Practice Demonstration: Quality Initiative Plan for Older Adults 

Integrates content knowledge with practice development or improvement processes, in order to enact a specialized workplace practice demonstration. Students will be supported by faculty to undertake their practice demonstration and to evaluate the effects of change on key stakeholders. 

*Prerequisite(s): NURS 606

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