Faculty Learning Communities

Faculty Learning Communities (FLC)

Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) support a collaborative culture of teaching and learning.

The primary purpose of FLCs is to provide an environment for professional development, personal connections with peers, and opportunities to interact collegially to address issues pertaining to teaching and learning (Glowacki-Dudka & Brown, 2007).

FLCs will support scholarly teaching, the scholarship of teaching and learning, and discipline based educational research within areas of interest. 

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Faculty Learning Communities

Facilitator: Shannon I.A. Parker

The Quality Clinical Teaching Faculty Learning Community is committed to creating and sustaining a community that will serve as a place of connection for faculty to grow and learn from one another through our efforts to promote quality clinical teaching and learning. We aim to emphasize and communicate the importance of competent clinical teaching practice to support quality learning opportunities for our students.  


Build and sustain a community of scholars to support quality clinical teaching and learning.  


  • Develop our teaching practice through exploring shared experiences, participating in educational opportunities, and engaging in scholarly dialogue and writing.  
  • Engage in mentoring relationships to foster connection and grow in our teaching practice.  
  • Promote competent clinical teaching practice through creating and sharing educational resources  

Facilitator: Amanda O'Rae

The IPE FLC will be guided by the preference of the members to explore interprofessional education in way that explores a variety of possibilities for best practice in interprofessional education. The learning community will be characterized by generative imagination, intellectual curiosity and risk-taking, and experimental thinking. The interests of this community will contribute to the learning and dissemination of knowledge to enhance and develop our own teaching and scholarship for the benefit of professional development and student experience.   

Considering the above, the goals for this FLC are:

  • To engage in scholarly dialogue relative to IPE for the purpose of learning as a community
  • To collaborate with one another for the purpose of IPE scholarship
  • Promote IPE through sharing of knowledge in order to contribute to the development of IPE scholarship

Co-facilitator: Dr. Jacqueline Smith and Dr. Jennifer Jackson

On December 12, 2018, the Faculty of Nursing formally adopted the University of Calgary’s Campus Mental Health Strategy: Creating a Community of Caring. In keeping with this partnership, the Mental Health & Wellness (MHW) Community of Learners will support a culture that facilitates and promotes greater collaboration and growth between undergraduate & graduate students and faculty members. In keeping with the mission of the FON we will be resiliency informed in our effort to further the importance of Mental Health & Wellness research and evidence-informed practice through collaborative sharing, faculty-student mentorship, and quality learning opportunities. The values of the Faculty of Nursing and the guiding principles of the campus mental health strategy will anchor our work and guide the spirit of our Mental Health & Wellness Community of Learners.  


Build and sustain a community of mental health & wellness learners, researchers, scholars, and students within a collaborative learning environment of trust, inclusion, and relational inquiry.  


  • Develop mental health and wellness research and learning strategies through exploration and engagement in shared MH&W teaching experiences, research projects, and knowledge translation activities 
  • Support mentoring relationships with students to foster connection and future undergraduate MH&W honors projects 
  • Promote competent clinical and theoretical teaching practices that are mental health & resilience focused  
  • Advocate for a culture within the FON that embraces human flourishing at the individual, organizational and community levels 

Facilitator: Dr. Kara Sealock

The NCLEX Faculty Learning Community is committed to faculty development in creating and integrating NCLEX questions into theory and clinical practice and supporting students’ learning and future success with NCLEX item writing.  This community will serve as a place for educators to create, imagine, and discuss both theoretical and clinical use of NCLEX-style and NEXT GEN questions.  

Vision: Build and sustain a community of educators who are committed to creating and integrating quality NCLEX-style questions supporting students’ success with NCLEX.   


  • Create an environment of collaboration, shared experiences, and common purpose of NCLEX for individual and collegial development, leading to stronger learning environments for students. 
  • Support and mentor faculty at various stages of item-writing experience who teach across the curriculum.  
  • Develop item-writing skills and quality assessment strategies that correlate to curriculum, student entry-to-practice competencies, and preparing students for success on NCLEX.

Terms of Reference

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Faculty Learning Communities Guide

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This guide provides a framework for the design and development of a Faculty Learning Community (FLC) and supports collaboration, learning, and knowledge generation.

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