Professional Education Program (PEP)

Enhance your teaching knowledge, abilities, and confidence.

Welcome to PEP Microcredentials

PEP is an evidence-informed educational program in the Faculty of Nursing to support teaching development for faculty, graduate students, post-doctoral scholars, and academic staff.

This micro-credential program is a digital form of certification indicating demonstrated competency/mastery in a specific skill or set of skills.

Participants earn digital badges and meta-badges by achieving the badge criteria outlined.

If you are interested in creating a micro-credential, please see more information at the bottom of the page.

Micro-credentials are...


Micro-credentials allow educators to focus on a discrete skill related to their practice — for instance, checking for student understanding — and collect the evidence — such as classroom videos or student work to demonstrate ability in that specific skill.

On Demand

Through an agile online platform that clearly identifies each micro-credential’s competency and required evidence, educators can start and continue the process of earning micro-credentials on their own time.


Because educators select the micro-credentials they wish to earn, they can create their own professional learning journey aligned to their specific student needs and instructional goals.


Once educators earn micro-credentials, they can display the digital badges on Edmodo, LinkedIn, or a blog to signal their demonstrated competence wherever their professional journey might take them.

Click on the badge icons below to access badge criteria and get started: