Addiction and Mental Health

Addiction and Mental Health

The Addiction and Mental Health certificate is an online program with a primary focus on advancing practice in addiction and mental health, particularly those requiring addiction and mental health services.

Value is placed on the public/person perspectives as integral to advancing addiction and mental health practice and policy guided by collaboration in listening, planning, and enacting change that is helpful and empowering for clients and their identified supports.

The four courses are designed for working professionals, drawing on an advanced theoretical, experiential, and research base to enable graduates to integrate and demonstrate advanced practice and collaborative leadership.

Aizenosa Idahosa is an RN in a 46-bed, long-term care facility in Vulcan Alberta.

RN in Vulcan advances practice in addictions and mental health

Aizenosa Idahosa shares how she's working towards her masters degree at UCalgary Nursing while working with older adults at long-term care facility

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Graduate Certificate Connect Dates

UCalgary Nursing offers all Graduate Certificate courses online.

All courses in this program require students to attend instructor-led Connect Days, which are delivered online at scheduled dates and times (as listed in course outline). Students who do not attend Connect Days will normally be withdrawn from the associated course, as per the Graduate Calendar.

Student Connect days will continue as scheduled in a virtual format.



Required Courses

NURS 612 - Fall 2024

Theories and Models of Addiction and Mental Health: Advanced Assessment, Screening, and Practice Implications 

Selected theories and models of addiction and mental health relevant to advancing specialized practice and including advanced assessment, screening and implications for practice innovation and leadership.


NURS 614 - Winter 2025

Therapeutic Practices: Treatment Planning and Recovery 

Selected interventions and therapeutic practices for symptom management and optimizing functioning in recovery framework including therapeutic relationships, counseling (individual, group, family), motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychopharmacology, and mindfulness.

*Prerequisite(s): NURS 612

NURS 616 - Spring 2024

Specialized Practice Integration

Specialized practice seminar focused on integration of advanced knowledge, practice and ethics; active engagement in critical debriefing of complex case scenarios augmented with virtual simulation; and development of a practice demonstration proposal.

*Prerequisite(s): NURS 614

NURS 618 - Summer 2024

Specialized Practice Demonstration

Implementation and evaluation of a proposed practice demonstration with a final report and recommendations.

*Prerequisite(s): NURS 616

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