Resources and support for commonly used software


Qualtrics – Online survey platform

  • Set up or access your free UCalgary Qualtrics account
  • UCalgary's training and support website
  • Qualtrics' customer support website 

NVivo – Qualitative data analysis software

EndNote – Citation management software

SPSS – Quantitative data analysis software

Covidence - Online knowledge synthesis software

Visit the Library's website to set up your free account and view learning resources.

MS Excel - Spreadsheet software

This blog outlines a number of excellent resources for learning both basic and advanced functions in Microsoft Excel.

IRISS – Online ethics application system

Visit the UCalgary IRISS website and scroll down for user guides and other resources.

RMS - Online research management system

Visit the UCalgary RMS website and scroll down to review access requirements and user guides. 

Training / Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing technical issues (e.g., program not working), please contact UCalgary IT support or the software company directly. The various resources highlighted above may also be helpful.

Software Training/Troubleshooting