Innovations in Teaching and Learning

Innovations in Teaching & Learning

The Innovations in Teaching and Learning certificate prepares participants for advanced practice in clinical, simulation, and classroom education. The certificate adopts an online approach of the learning experiences.

The first course focuses on foundational learning theory and evidence-based models. The second course explores development of self as educator, relational aspects of teaching and learning and teaching context. Integrative seminars in the third course provide an opportunity to learn about specific teaching modalities and strategies such as simulation, signature pedagogies and updating traditional classrooms.In the final course, participants develop their own personal teaching philosophy and complete a demonstration teaching project. 

Innovations in Teaching and Learning, UCalgary Nursing

Practicing RN explores love of patient teaching

Having completed UCalgary Nursing's Innovations in Teaching and Learning certificate, Tralene Grillone, BN’03, is on track to complete her Master of Nursing in 2022

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Graduate Certificate Connect Dates

UCalgary Nursing offers all Graduate Certificate courses online.

All courses in this program require students to attend instructor-led Connect Days, which are delivered online at scheduled dates and times (as listed in course outline). Students who do not attend Connect Days will normally be withdrawn from the associated course, as per the Graduate Calendar.

Student Connect days are scheduled in a virtual format.



Required Courses

NURS 622 - Fall 2024

Foundational Philosophy for Teaching and Learning Across Contexts

Focuses on building a philosophy for teaching and learning that incorporates foundational teaching and learning theory and principles applicable to a variety of teaching and learning contexts. Explores beliefs about teaching and learning and how to translate them into practice.

NURS 624 - Winter 2025

Explorations of People, Places, and Relationships in Teaching and Learning

Involves the critical examination of teaching and learning specific to advancing professional practice with emphasis on cultivating relationships for learning, learning across diverse contexts. Also focuses on generation of possibilities for change and innovation and consolidation of preferred teaching and learning practices in a select context of practice.

*Prerequisite(s): NURS 622

NURS 626 - Spring 2025

Current Trends in Teaching and Learning 

Introduces specialized topics in teaching and learning and provides an opportunity to engage in critical reflection and analysis through a personal field trip. Students will explore a variety of teaching and learning strategies within multiple contexts to develop their individualized teaching practice. 

*Prerequisite(s): NURS 624

NURS 628 - Summer 2025

Specialized Practice Demonstration: Teaching and Learning Grand Challenge 

Students will draw on their teaching philosophy and current trends in teaching and learning to address a teaching and learning grand challenge. Building on the skills and knowledge developed throughout the certificate, students will provide a demonstration of innovative teaching and learning strategies within a focused context. 

*Prerequisite(s): NURS 626

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