NurseMentor is OPEN for the fall 2020 season

If you are ready to commit to a mentorship, please join!

Fostering the next generation of nurses

Registration for the Fall/Winter 2020 season of NurseMentor is now open.

Welcome to those who have already registered! Matching will not take place until the bulk of new registrants have signed on and been approved. This enables the coordinator to find your most suitable match.

Those interested in joining this support network are invited to email for more information.


Through NurseMentor, alumni of UCalgary Nursing have helped students become more confident nurses.

As we enter our fourth year, we hope to connect more talented RNs with our dedicated nursing students to share mutual insight and guidance.

The purpose of NurseMentor is to support undergraduate student nurses in their professional and personal development and to engage nursing alumni in a meaningful way. Mentoring is a success when both student and mentor are committed to a reciprocal relationship.

The program kicks off in September 2020 as the new fall term begins, and continues throughout the academic year.

All nursing students deserve a mentor, while nurses need a fresh perspective and reminders of their love for nursing. Consider being a mentor to an aspiring nurse, or seeking a mentor to help clarify your own path as a new nurse.

"Pam’s mentorship has been empowering. She reminds me to become comfortable with uncertainty while navigating change."

Sierra Pouliot

Third-year student nurse

NurseMentor mingle November 2019

Thank you for a rewarding year!

Thank you to all students and nurses who committed to mentoring during the 2019/2020 season.

We hope to have you back this fall for a new and improved season of collaboration! For those returning, no need to register again, your profiles are saved.

Looking forward to a vibrant mentoring community in 2020!


How it works

1: Register

In this step you will be asked a few questions about what interests you and what you hope to gain from mentoring. This will help us determine a best fit for you.

2: We do the matching

The NurseMentor coordinator will match you with a compatible mentor or mentee when one becomes available, and you will be notified.

3: You get connected

Student mentees should initiate the first contact with their mentor. Pairs determine how and when to connect - ideally, two contacts per month. Good communication is the key to a successful mentorship.

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