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Student Life

Welcome to our nursing family! Our program is about more than attending classes - it's enriched by the connections and lifelong friendships you'll form during your years with us.

Find out all about the clubs, student groups, peer mentorship opportunities and ways to volunteer for transcript credit available to you at UCalgary. 

Join a student group

Meet your network of nursing students. Join a student group today, hone your leadership skills and make the most of your nursing program. 

Undergraduate Nursing Society (UNS)

Undergraduate Nursing Society (UNS)

The Undergraduate Nursing Society (UNS) is a student organization offering leadership and participatory opportunities with members chosen/elected by their peers.

Indigenous Initiatives Nursing Circle (IINC)

Indigenous Initiatives Nursing Circle (IINC)

The Indigenous Initiatives Nursing Circle (IINC) promotes Indigenous Initiatives for UCalgary Nursing and is affiliated with the Undergraduate Nursing Society (UNS).

Undergraduate Peer Mentorship Committee

Undergraduate Peer Mentorship Committee

We work to connect nursing students in different years through social events and groups. We also support fellow nursing students academically by hosting prep and help sessions for OSCARs and more.

Volunteering and Co-curricular Record

Get transcript credit for volunteering!

Nursing has many opportunities for you to develop your Co-Curricular Record (CCR).

With your academic transcript, it is a great way to impress your future employers! 

Learn more about your co-curricular record