Faculty Awards

Faculty and Postdoc Awards

Honours and awards for our UCalgary Nursing faculty and postdoctoral scholars

Our faculty and postdoctoral scholars are recognized internally and externally for their outstanding contributions to research, teaching, service, academic achievement, volunteerism and for their lifetime contributions to their fields of study.

Archive of Past Awards

ANEA - Alberta Nursing Education Administration

ASTech - Technology Alberta

CAG - Canadian Association of Gerontology

CAMH - Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

CANAC - Canadian Association of Nurses in HIV/AIDS Care

CANR - Canadian Association for Nursing Research 

CAPWHN - Canadian Association of Perinatal and Women's Health Nurses

CARNA - College & Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta 

CASN - Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing 

CGNA - Canadian Gerontological Nursing Association 

CIHR - Canadian Institutes of Health Research

CNA - Canadian Nurses Association

Nicole Letourneau 
Alberta Inspiration Award for Family and Community Safety

Nicole Letourneau 
Alberta Health Services’ Apple Magazine: Change Agent for Alberta

Shahirose Premji 
American Academy of Nursing Fellow

Andrew Estefan 
American Educational Research Association - Narrative Special Interested Group: Early Career Award

Shane Sinclair 
Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute Junior Investigator Travel Award

Karen Benzies 
CAPWHN Leadership Excellence Award

Shahirose Premji 
CARNA Centennial Award

Shahirose Premji 
CNA Jeanne Mance Award

Kathryn King-Shier 
CNA Order of Merit for Nursing Research

Shane Sinclair 
Covenant Health Emerging Researcher Award

Kathryn King-Shier 
European Society of Cardiology Fellow

Shane Sinclair 
International Psycho-Oncology Society Hiroomi Kawano New Investigator Award

Nicole Letourneau
UCalgary Peak Scholar Award

Shane Sinclair
UCalgary Peak Scholar Award

Nicole Letourneau
Canadian Academy of Health Sciences Fellow

Sandra Goldsworthy
Sunnybrook Emergency Medicine Director of the Year, Advanced Life Support Educators

Andrew Estefan 
UCalgary Teaching Awards (Full-time Faculty) 

Tracey Clancy and Rita Lisella
UCalgary Teaching Awards (Team Teaching)

Marlies Murdoch 
UCalgary Students' Union Teaching Excellence Award

Annette Lane 
UCalgary Students' Union Teaching Excellence (Honourable Mention)