Nursing Advancement Team

Have questions around media, events, marketing and communications, development and alumni projects? We are available to help.

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The faculty’s Nursing Advancement team supports the campus-wide activities of UCalgary Advancement as well as our own Faculty of Nursing initiatives.


Our team is located in the Professional Faculties building on the University of Calgary campus.


PF 2220
(403) 220-8336


Karen Cook

Karen Cook

Senior Manager, Communications

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Stephanie Ng

Stephanie Ng

Director of Development 

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Erika Castillo

Erika Castillo

Coordinator, Development, Alumni and Communications

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Aimee Lorefice Mains NurseMentor Coordinator

Aimee Lorefice Mains

NurseMentor Coordinator

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Lynda Sea

Lynda Sea

Digital Communications Specialist

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Sharon Bhola

Event Coordinator 

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Here's how we can help you

  1. Do you have an upcoming event?

    Are you bringing visiting scholars to campus or hosting guests on behalf of the Faculty of Nursing?

    If you require support from the DAC Office, please fill out this form with details so we can assess and prioritize incoming requests. Our event coordinator will contact you once you submit your form.

    Keep in mind that events should have a Faculty of Nursing focus in order for the team to assist with coordination and promotion. We may not be able accommodate every request due to availability and workload and fit. The more info you can provide on this form, the easier it will be for the team to assess the level of support we can provide.

    Please allow for 2-3 working days for a response and if possible, try to give us at least 60-90 days notice before your event so we can plan and promote accordingly.

  1. Need nursing swag?

    We occasionally have items with the UCalgary Nursing logo that faculty/staff can offer to visitors to the faculty or for faculty members to offer as tokens when they are presenting at a conference/giving a lecture outside UCalgary.

    Should you require more items/something different and have a budget, please let us know and we can discuss options.

    Please make your request at least 10 working days in advance of when you require the items.

  1. I want to build my social media network

    The Faculty of Nursing is currently on TwitterFacebookInstagram and YouTube. There is a University of Calgary institutional LinkedIn account.

    If you would like to start or grow your social media presence and want some pointers on best practices for social media, our Digital Communications Specialist can help. Please contact Lynda Sea before you create any new social accounts so we can discuss your social media strategies and optimize how you utilize these tools.

    There may be existing channels for your content. We are happy to introduce you to the numerous platforms within the Faculty of Nursing where your messages can be shared on social media. As a good first step, please review this document which outlines the University of Calgary's guidelines on social media.

  1. Do you require design and creative services?

    Most posters and brochures can be handled by University Relations' Creative Studio team. There are also a list of approved external vendors that our team can provide to you, who can offer photography, illustration and additional creative services. You will be asked to create a project brief that will include details such as:

    • Audience for your print materials
    • Content and details for the collateral
    • Quantity required, deadline for final delivery
    • Budget

    Please contact Karen Cook, Senior Manager, Communications if you have any additional questions.

  1. Want help with promotion?

    We have numerous channels for marketing and promotion of events:

    • Faculty of Nursing web event calendar
    • Electronic Bulletin Boards (EBBs) in Professional Faculties Building and Craigie Hall
    • Social media (Facebook events, posts)
    • University of Calgary web event calendar (this populates in the daily UToday emails)
    • The Pulse internal newsletter
    • Points of contacts at other faculties, departments and units across campus

    Please contact Karen Cook, Senior Manager, Communications with the details of what you'd like to advertise and to what audience. That will help us determine what you need and where we can distribute details about your event.

  1. Want to share your news with nursing or campus community?

    UToday is the leading online news service for the wider campus community of more than 36,000 students, faculty, and staff. There are certain parameters they adhere to when it comes to their content. Please contact Karen Cook, Senior Manager, Communications with your story idea before writing or contacting UToday.

    The Faculty of Nursing website has news and updates specifically targeted towards our faculty, staff, students, alumni and community partners. We would love to tell the world about your research or the great work of your students. Contact Karen Cook with details of your idea/story and together we will determine the best vehicle to spread the word.

  1. Get started on building your website

    As a faculty member and researcher, you can request assistance in developing your own website to be hosted on UCalgary servers. Please contact Lynda Sea, Digital Communications Specialist before starting any website build.

    When you are ready to submit a request for a development website through IT, fill out this form (CAS log-in required).