Healthcare Innovation and Design

Healthcare Innovation and Design

The healthcare sector is on the brink of a technology and data revolution. The application of artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and big data to health care represent a tremendous opportunity for the growth of the economy. Moreover, health-care innovations can improve human health and reduce healthcare costs.

The Healthcare Innovation and Design Specialization certificate aims to equip professionals from a range of backgrounds such as engineering, design, nursing and other health professions with the technological knowledge/skills and inter-professional competencies to lead healthcare transformation. It addresses the fundamentals of data science, industrial design, built environment and emerging technologies with application to health care. 

Students will develop foundational skills, upon which they can build, in the processes and practices of health innovation. This specialization also aims to provide experiential inter-professional learning as students with diverse backgrounds learn about healthcare innovation and design with and from each other.

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Collaboration of UCalgary graduate Nursing and Engineering students.

Hackathon encourages digital health solutions. 

“Nurses get excited in this course to design a digital health-care innovation and have the opportunity to work with engineers to create a working prototype: they feel empowered to transform the system,” Dr. Linda Duffett-Leger, Associate Professor, HCID lead.

Graduate Certificate Connect Dates

UCalgary Nursing offers all Graduate Certificate courses online.

All courses in this program require students to attend instructor-led Connect Days, which are delivered online at scheduled dates and times (as listed in course outline). Students who do not attend Connect Days will normally be withdrawn from the associated course, as per the Graduate Calendar.

Student Connect days will continue as scheduled in a virtual format.



Required Courses

Nursing 652 - Fall 2024

Healthcare Information and Big Data

Introduces many of the key concepts, and methods used in the management and use of large healthcare data assets, focusing on data integration, health informatics and the role of artificial intelligence. Issues relating to access, confidentiality, privacy, and data stewardship will be examined. Focuses on application and implications of big data use within the healthcare context and is not intended as a methods course. 

Nursing 654 - Winter 2025

Design in Healthcare

Examines design in healthcare from a variety of facets. Principles and practices of digital health and architectural design innovation will be explored. User-centered design and prototype development approached will be demonstrated. Opportunities for transdisciplinary collaboration and end-user engagement in the design of a healthcare innovation will be highlighted in a hackathon experience.

*Prerequisite(s): NURS 652

Nursing 656 – Spring 2024

Emerging Technologies in Healthcare

A focused exploration of emerging trends and issues in health-care technology. Case studies and exemplars will be used to expand understanding of the intended and unintended consequences of the integration of technology in health care.

*Prerequisite(s): NURS 654

Nursing 658 - Summer 2024

Specialized Health Design Project

Formulation of a health-care design project developed through team collaboration that addresses a real-life health-care challenge posed by industry partners and health-care leaders. Focus on improving quality of health care and application and synthesis of learning from previous courses.   

*Prerequisite(s): NURS 656

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