Year One Nursing (YO)

Welcome to your first year of nursing at the University of Calgary! 


Here, you'll find out all about Year One Nursing Council, news and updates and helpful information on what to expect as a YO nursing student.

As a Direct Entry student – one who enters the Bachelor of Nursing program at the University of Calgary directly from high school – your first year is a foundational one of 10 courses which you must successfully complete before moving on to your second year of nursing courses. 

Year One (Terms 1 and 2) is comprised of courses outside of the faculty, but you're still a Faculty of Nursing student and we encourage you to participate in activities within the faculty including our Year One Nursing Council (YONC).

Leadership Opportunities

We invite you to explore early leadership within the Faculty of Nursing by joining YONC.  Positions include Chair/Co-Chair, VP Academic, VP Events, Secretary and Undergraduate Nursing Society representative.

Faculty Advisor
Sylvia Loewen, RN, MN 
Senior Instructor

First-year nursing students at the Fall 2019 YO Semester Kick-off event.

First-year nursing students at the Fall 2018 YO Semester Kick-off event.

Photo by Sylvia Loewen

Student Resources

D2L (Desire2Learn)

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Faith & Spirituality Centre

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Room Finder and Maps

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Students' Union

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SU Wellness Centre

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Advising Support

Our Undergraduate Programs Office is your one-stop shop at UCalgary Nursing for academic advising services. If you have any questions, visit a student advisor in PF 1238 or phone (403) 220-4636.

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Learning Support

Looking for scholarship opportunities or just looking to improve academic performance? UCalgary has advisors ready to assist you 

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Writing Support

Become more effective communicators, while recognizing the role that writing plays in inquiry and learning

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Preparing for the Fall

My U of C is a central portal from which you can access virtually the web services that you will need as a student. These include your university email, your Student Centre, Academic Requirements (AR) tool and your Desire2Learn (D2L). If you look UP and to the RIGHT on this page, you will see a link for 'MY U of C' - this appears on every UC page so you can have easy access to your 'MY U of C' account!

Desire2Learn is one of the web services you will use the most. It is where your instructors will post the class syllabus, the notes you need for lectures, assignments, and grades. You can also use D2L to email your professors and classmates. Usually everything you need to know about a class you are registered in will be on Desire2Learn!

The easiest place to find out what courses you are required to take for your program is the Academic Requirements (AR) tool that can be accessed from your My U of C portal.

Before classes start, you must complete your:

  • immunizations form
  • police records check
  • N-95 mask fit testing

You will need ALL of them done if you wish to be able to fulfill your practice requirements in Year Two! 

You do NOT require CPR Certification until the start of Year 2.

Volunteering and Co-curricular Record

Get transcript credit for volunteering!

Nursing has many opportunities for you to develop your Co-Curricular Record (CCR).

With your academic transcript, it is a great way to impress your future employers! 

Learn more about your co-curricular record

YONC: Year One Nursing Council

Year One Nursing Council (YONC) is a group of student volunteers who are enthusiastic about becoming part of the nursing community on campus in their first year.

YONC meets regularly to come up with ideas for events and activities that can have either a social or an academic focus – it is an opportunity to connect with other students and to get to know more about the faculty and profession of nursing.

At the start of each academic year, interested first year students can put their names forward for positions on YONC, and the committee membership is decided by the Faculty Advisor with input from members of the previous year’s committee. As well as committee positions, students can get involved by volunteering to help plan and stage events, as well as by attending them!

Look out for details of how to apply for YONC positions during Orientation Week. You can also contact the Faculty Advisor Sylvia Loewen, with questions about YONC. 


Year One Nursing Council (YONC) Standing Committee Members 2019-2020:


Oby Ezeigbo


Paul Linek

VP Academic

Rachel Cooper

VP Academic

Mikki Lim

VP Academic

Lucy Liu

VP Social

Melody Chu

VP Social

Alyanna Goloya

VP Social

Cynthia Wang


Athena Liu


Esther Oguntuase

Undergraduate Nursing Society (UNS) Representative

Naomi Bell

Nursing Guys Club Representative

Sukhman Mahal

Communications Rep

Natalia Monro

VP Volunteer

Yuan Banayo

VP Volunteering

Alexa Nagy


VP Volunteering

Jordanna Young

Faculty Advisor: Sylvia Loewen, RN, MN, Senior Instructor

Join a student group

Meet your network of nursing students. Join a student group today, hone your leadership skills and make the most of your nursing program. 

Undergraduate Nursing Society (UNS)

Undergraduate Nursing Society (UNS)

The Undergraduate Nursing Society (UNS) is a student organization offering leadership and participatory opportunities with members chosen/elected by their peers.

Nursing Guys Club (NGC)

Nursing Guys Club (NGC)

Nursing Guys Club is a branch of UNS and is open to the student nursing community as a whole. We strive to advocate for the nursing profession by going out into the community and educating the general population on what nursing is by better defining it.

Undergraduate Peer Mentorship Committee

Undergraduate Peer Mentorship Committee

We work to connect nursing students in different years through social events and groups. We also support fellow nursing students academically by hosting prep and help sessions for OSCARs and more.