Fees & Funding

For your nursing graduate program, make sure you understand your tuition and general fees, and learn which awards you are eligible for.

The Faculty of Grad Studies provides excellent suggestions for how to create a strong awards application. Learn more about the cost of going to grad school and ways to finance your education.

How to create a strong application for awards


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Program Recommended Awards

Thank you Graduate Students for your Applications

Nominee submissions have been forwarded to Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS)

Successful students will be notified by FGS in the Fall 2020 term. 

For more info contact nursgrad@ucalgary.ca



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Program Recommended Awards

Graduate nursing students are encouraged to submit an application to the Program Recommended Awards. 

The PRAs are disbursed in the Fall term.


Application forms are available in February each year, with a closing date on or about the middle of March. Detailed instructions are provided on the first two pages of the application form.

Late applications will not be accepted.

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Faculty of Grad Studies Awards

Faculty of Gradate Studies (FGS) Awards

Graduate Award Competition (GAC)

The online application for the Graduate Awards Competition (GAC) opens on November 1. The deadline for applications to be received by the Faculty of Nursing is January 15 of the following year for the Killam, Open Doctoral and Entrance Awards.

The deadline for Special Awards and Bursaries is February 1.

Learn more about GAC

FGS Travel Awards

FGS Travel Awards Travel awards are available to students who are presenting their work or research at major national and/or international conferences. Students may apply for one award at the master’s level and one award at the doctoral level.

Learn more about Travel Awards

Other Sources of Funding

Graduate Assistantships - Teaching (GAT)

Graduate Assistantships Teaching (GATs) assist with the instructional responsibilities of departments. Students who are actively registered in a graduate program in the Faculty of Nursing are encouraged to submit an application to request that they be considered for a GAT position.

Learn more about GAT

Graduate Assistant, Research (GAR)

Graduate Assistantships, Research are paid to students performing research that is unrelated to his/her field of study and are paid from the research accounts held by University faculty. This type of appointment is arranged directly between the graduate student and faculty member.

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Graduate Student Association (GSA)

The GSA provides financial support to graduate students and distributes more than $200,000 worth of awards, bursaries, grants, and Quality Money every year. Take advantage of these opportunities for any student initiatives, financial strain, or professional development.

Learn more about GSA financial support

Indigenous Awards

The Faculty of Graduate Studies encourages indigenous students to pursue graduate education by offering awards specifically for indigenous students.

Learn more about Indigenous Awards

Aberta Registered Nurses Educational Trust (ARNET)


Canadian Nurses Foundation (CNF)

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