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Fees & Funding

The Faculty of Grad Studies provides excellent information on the costs of going to grad school and ways to finance your education.

Program Recommended Awards (PRA)


Graduate Nursing Students are encouraged to submit an application to the Program Recommended Awards. 

Awards are available to students enrolled in full-time studies unless otherwise indicated in the Terms of Reference.  Applications open March 1st each year, with a closing date of April 30th.

The PRAs are disbursed in the Fall term.

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Doctoral (PhD) Funding

Graduate Programs in Nursing offers Doctoral (PhD) students funding opportunities during the first four years of their program.


PhD Funding 2019

Applicable to students admitted between Fall 2019 - January 2021

Review the PhD Funding Policy 2019

PhD Funding 2021

Applicable to students admitted in Spring 2021.

Review the PhD Funding Policy 2021

PhD Funding 2022

Applicable to students admitted in Fall 2022.

Review the PhD Funding Policy 2022

Other Sources of Funding

Graduate Assistantship Teaching (GAT)

Graduate Assistant Teaching (GAT) Position designed to facilitate a graduate student’s development of academic experience by assisting with the instructional responsibilities of departments - including teaching or instructional service, lecturing assistance, laboratory supervision, being available for office hours, grading assignments, providing tutorial direction, and assisting in the preparation of demonstration and instructional aids.

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Graduate Assistant Research (GAR)

Graduate Assistant Research Position designed to facilitate a graduate student's development of academic experience by assisting with a research project, not directly related to the student's area of study. The duties may include collecting research data, interviewing research subjects, conducting bibliographic work, performing general research services, and carrying out academic projects.

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Graduate Student Association (GSA)

The GSA provides financial support to graduate students and distributes more than $200,000 worth of awards, bursaries, grants, and Quality Money every year. Take advantage of these opportunities for any student initiatives, financial strain, or professional development.

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Indigenous Awards

The Faculty of Graduate Studies encourages indigenous students to pursue graduate education by offering awards specifically for indigenous students.

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Aberta Registered Nurses Educational Trust (ARNET)


Canadian Nurses Foundation (CNF)

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