Bachelor of Nursing Medicine Hat College Collaborative Program

Collaborative Nursing Program at Medicine Hat College

For students in the Medicine Hat area looking for access to a baccalaureate nursing program without having to relocate


Medicine Hat College Collaborative Program

Students who enter the program through the Medicine Hat College collaborative degree will progress to UCalgary within the same program they entered. For example: students currently studying in the BN at Medicine Hat College remain eligible to progress into the Bachelor of Nursing program at the University of Calgary. Students who do not follow the typical progression will need to connect with the Faculty of Nursing advising team to develop a progression plan.

Beginning in Fall 2024, Medicine Hat College will admit students to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) program!

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The Collaborative Nursing Program is a four-year partnership program offered entirely at the Medicine Hat College site, allowing students in the Medicine Hat area increased access to a baccalaureate program without having to relocate. 

In this route, you can study the entire program at the MHC campus and graduate with a University of Calgary degree.

  • 4-year partnership program; students will apply to enter the program in year one at Medicine Hat College
  • September entry only

Important Notes on Admission & Progression - BN Program

  • Students must apply to enter the program in Year One at Medicine Hat College. 
    You apply to Medicine Hat College and are a Medicine Hat College student for Year One and Year Two.
  • Upon successful completion of your first two years of the program, you apply to UCalgary Nursing as a Year 3 student and are guaranteed acceptance if you have met all the requirements. You take the remainder of the program as a U of C student, but remain on the MHC campus. 

Admission will be on a competitive basis. Meeting minimum averages does not guarantee admission to the program.

Transition to Year 3

Students admitted to the Bachelor of Nursing program at MHC in Fall 2023 or prior will progress to the BN program with the University of Calgary and will graduate with the Bachelor of Nursing degree.

Upon successful completion of Term 4 (Year 2) of the BN Program at Medicine Hat College and upon meeting the University of Calgary Faculty of Nursing Admission GPA criteria (minimum 2.00 GPA on the last 5 full-course equivalents), students must apply to enter the University of Calgary. 

Once accepted, students will complete Terms 5 through 8 (Years 3 and 4) as University of Calgary students. Courses are delivered at the Medicine Hat College Site.

Students are typically not permitted to transfer between program sites. Students facing extenuating circumstances that require a transfer to another program site may contact the Undergraduate & Graduate Programs Office for detailed advising.

Still have questions about the nursing program at the Medicine Hat College Site? Email