We've got your back

This special event is your official welcome to UCalgary Nursing

Faculty of Nursing initiates first-year students in fun new ceremony

In the fall of 2018, we held our inaugural We’ve Got Your Back event, one that we hope will become a tradition in our faculty. 

This event was a student-driven idea. After returning from a student leadership conference in August 2017, Ivan Lerida and Rianne Pater mused about tangible ways to develop a meaningful connection among their fellow nursing students, especially with the first-years entering directly from high school.

“The first year for UCalgary nursing students is foundational, meaning that they don’t do any straight nursing courses,” explains Lerida, now a third-year student and president of the Undergraduate Nursing Society (UNS). “Because you don’t really have that daily opportunity to see other nursing students, you may not feel like you are part of the faculty unless you get involved with student leadership. That is not something most want to do when they are brand-new to the post-secondary environment.”

"I wish something like this had happened for when I was in first year," says Lerida. "It would have been great to have been able to recognize who else was in nursing during first year by simply looking at their backpack."

We are a small class and when we go to our Anatomy and Physiology class (mandatory for first-year nursing students) with 300 kinesiology students, you look around for a familiar face which is not easy to find. If someone has their backpack, it will make it easier.

Hailey Mollon-Robertson

First-year nursing student, Class of 2022

UCalgary nursing backpacks ceremony

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