Teaching and Learning Professional Development

Professional Development

Teaching and Learning

At the Faculty of Nursing, we believe that achieving excellence in nursing begins with:


Valuing people and building from their strengths to support learning and sustained growth in meaningful ways.


Designing learning experiences in accessible and diverse ways to engage students and faculty as individuals and in community, creating a collaborative culture of teaching and learning.


Promoting evidence-based educational development to support teaching competence and quality learning experiences and outcomes.


Building capacity related to teaching and learning development, promoting educational leadership, and advancing discipline based educational research.

Professional Development Strategic Plan (2019-2022) View full PDF

Professional Development Infographic

Core Beliefs

Relationships are Foundational

  • To support effective teaching and learning.

Learner-Centered Approaches

  • Leads to meaningful learning experiences and offers students the opportunity to actively construct and take accountability for their learning.

Reflective Practice

  • Is essential to foster growth and enhance teaching and learning. Engaging reflectively on practice promotes accountability, a continuous learning mindset, and outlines the developmental nature of teaching and learning.

Best Available Evidence

  • Informs our teaching practice and student learning.

An Innovative Mindset

  • Is encouraged and is characterized as being open to change, embracing creativity, thinking big and engaging with an awareness of ongoing change, and showing courage.

Goal and Priorities

Support Teaching Practice Development

  • Support personalized professional development
  • Design teaching development resources and opportunities 

Cultivate and Sustain a Collaborative Culture of Teaching & Learning

  • Support communities of learning
  • Support knowledge mobilization
  • Support and sustain a mentorship program

Advance Knowledge Creation and Innovation in Teaching & Learning Contexts

  • Promote educational scholarship and research 
  • Support technology integration and teaching innovation
  • Support experiential and inquiry-based learning 


Mentorship is relational and it prioritizes people by creating a space for learning and growth. Mentoring relationships create opportunities for people to enrich understanding of their practice and themselves.

The Faculty of Nursing is committed to the development of a learning culture and the cultivation of educational leaders in the discipline of nursing, with plans to establish and sustain a faculty mentorship program. Stay tuned.

In addition to establishing a mentoring relationship with your colleagues in nursing, you may also want to access The Mentorship Guide for Teaching and Learning via the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning here at the University of Calgary.