Power in Numbers Fund UCalgary Nursing

Power in Numbers

This fund supports undergraduate students at UCalgary Nursing who may require emergency or temporary financial assistance.

UCalgary Nursing has set up the Power in Numbers Fund, providing quick and temporary assistance to undergraduate students in need

Thanks to the generosity of donors – many of whom are students themselves - UCalgary Nursing created the Power in Numbers Fund in 2017. It is based on the premise that even a $2 or $5 donation, when combined with other small or large financial gifts, can make a significant impact and may change the life of a student. The fund supports undergraduate students who may require emergency or temporary financial assistance. 

If you, or someone you know, finds themselves in a bit of a financial bind, you may be eligible to receive a gift card up to a value of $500, to help you out with groceries, household staples, school supplies, etc. 

Students seeking Power in Numbers funding can contact Dr. Zahra Shajani, associate dean, undergraduate practice education for more info.

Please review the criteria below and submit this form to start.

Requirements for eligibility

Be registered as a full time student

You must be in good academic standing at the Faculty of Nursing

Complete the online form

Please fill in this form below to provide us some more info

Meet with the Associate Dean

You must be willing to meet with the associate dean, undergraduate practice education to discuss, in confidence, the issue

Provide proof of financial stress

If you would like to make a donation to support Power in Numbers, contact Stephanie Ng, director of development.