2017 Faculty of Nursing Pursuit of Excellence Awards

Winners and Nominees

The Faculty of Nursing began its successful recognition program in 2011 with generous support from Covenant Health, Canada’s largest Catholic health-care provider. 

In 2017, our team of committed committee volunteers re-envisioned the program and have renamed it The Faculty of Nursing Pursuit of Excellence Awards. These awards will continue to recognize the hard work, commitment and success of our students, faculty, staff, alumni and community partners in whom we take great pride.

On May 9, 2017, during National Nursing Week, the nominees and recipients of the 2017 Faculty of Nursing Pursuit of Excellence Awards were recognized at a luncheon in the Senate Room at Hotel Alma. Arielle Manzano, president of the Undergraduate Nursing Society (UNS) was emcee and Dean Dianne Tapp delivered welcoming remarks as well as presented the awards. More than 60 attendees came out to celebrate at the event this year.

Thanks once again to our awards committee, volunteers and everyone who submitted a nomination this year! 

Inspirational Undergraduate Nursing Student Award

Recipient: Megan D’Souza
Nominators: Lorraine Venturato, Paige Thompson

Nominee: Alicia Lunz
Nominator: Cynthia Mannion

Inspirational Graduate Nursing Student Award

Recipient: Meredith Brockway
Nominator: Karen Benzies

Nominee: Suzanna Crawford
Nominator: Cynthia Mannion

Nominee: Amie Liddle
Nominator: Nancy Moules

Undergraduate Teaching Award

Recipient: Shahirose Premji
Nominator: Zeeyaan Somani

Graduate Teaching Award

Recipient: Karen Benzies
Nominators: Elizabeth Keys and Meredith Brockway

Nominee: Shane Sinclair
Nominator: Parivash Enghiad

Nominee: Shahirose Premji
Nominator: Erin Lowe

Inspirational Preceptor/Mentor Award

Recipient: Lorelli Nowell
Nominator: Nina Castrogiovanni

Nominee: Dawn Kingston
Nominator: Paula Harvalik

Lorelli Nowell not pictured, Jill Norris accepted on her behalf

Exceptional Alumnus Award

Recipient: Deborah McNeil
Nominator: Elizabeth Keys

Deborah McNeil not pictured, Elizabeth Keys accepted on her behalf

Outstanding Team Award

Recipient: Research Office 

  • Arfan Raheen Afzal
  • Karen Benzies
  • Marc Hall 
  • Jackie Jones, 
  • Jill Norris
  • Nicole Stubley

Nominators: Lorelli Nowell and Meredith Brockway

Nominee: graduate Programs Office
Nominator: Lori Matheson

Nominee: Tracey Clancy and Amanda O'Rae - NPCCs for Term 3
Nominator: Shannon Parker

Nominee: N289 Group 10 students
Nominator: Aaron Li

Research Award

Recipient: Nicole Letourneau
Nominator: Nancy Moules

Nominee: Megan D'Souza
Nominator: Amy Leach

Above and Beyond Award

Recipient: Marc Hall
Nominator: Shahirose Premji

Nominee: Carol Ewashen
Nominator: Sylwia Ciezar Andersen

Nominee: Aaron Li
Nominator: Abi Watkins

Nominee: Martin Olafson
Nominator: Kara Sealock

Advancing Nursing Prominence Award

Recipient: Karen Cook