There are many software programs that are available to all University of Calgary faculty, staff, and students. You can log in to the University Software Distribution site for instructions and a list of the many programs that you can download.

The Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) is one data analysis program that you can use to analyze your quantitative research data (e.g., t-tests, ANOVAs, regressions). If you are not familiar with SPSS, there are many online resources that you may find helpful. You can try IBM’s SPSS website for more information or use some online tutorial guides to help you figure out how to do a certain type of analysis. The Nursing Research Office Biostatistician is available for an SPSS consultation.

NVivo is an excellent software platform that allows you to analyze qualitative data such as interviews and focus groups. The NVivo website has many helpful resources such as training guides and webinars. The Nursing Research Office Research Associate is available for NVivo consultation.

To access Qualtrics, simply log in to Qualtrics using your UofC login and you’re account will be automatically created. You are now ready to start creating your survey.

The University of Calgary has a university-wide subscription to Qualtrics. All data collected with your University of Calgary Qualtrics account are stored on Canadian server.