2013 Covenant Health Faculty of Nursing Awards

Winners and Nominees

The nominees and recipients of the 2013 Covenant Health Faculty of Nursing Awards were recognized at a luncheon during National Nursing Week in May.

This recognition program started in 2011. It is an initiative to acknowledge leadership, excellence and teamwork within our community of students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Thanks once again to our partners, Covenant Health, Canada’s largest Catholic provider of health care and to Louise Kashuba, Professional Practice Leader for Nursing, who presented the recipients with their awards.

Excellence in the Advancement of Nursing Research Award

Recipient: Theresa Green 
Nominator: Kathryn King-Shier

Outstanding Nursing Graduate Student Award

Recipient: Catherine Laing (Doctoral) 
Nominator: Nancy Moules

Nominee: Amy Beck 
Nominator: Sandra Reilly

Faculty of Nursing Teaching Excellence Award

Recipient: Andrew Estefan 
Nominator: Shelagh McConnell 
Nominator: Jackie Smith

Nominee: Carla Ferreira 
Nominator: Solange Pomerleau and Jeremy Bennett

Nominee: Christine Foran 
Nominator: Kate Kawaja

Nominee: Tracey Clancy 
Nominator: Mia Torres and Cheryl Kaldenhoven

Faculty of Nursing Team Award

Recipient: Clinical Simulation Learning Centre (CSLC) 
Nominator: Brenda Toth

CSLC Team members: 

  • Pat Morgan 
  • Nancy Boa 
  • Twyla Ens 
  • Lorelli Nowell 
  • Shannon Parker 
  • Tricia Prince 
  • Mark Simpson 
  • Magda Skwara 
  • Carol Sprague 
  • Ruth Swart

Outstanding Nursing Undergraduate Student Award

Recipient: Tyler Hume 
Nominator: Kate Wong

Nominee:  Tony Huynh 
Nominator:  Twyla Ens

Nominee:  Kate Kawaja 
Nominator:  Christine Foran

Nominee:  Melanie Hughes 
Nominator:  Melissa Pistone

Nominee:  Heather Rydl 
Nominator:  Lauren Denhartog

Faculty of Nursing ASPIRE Award

Recipient: Karen Chance 
Nominator: Brenda Toth

Nominee:  Nancy Boa 
Nominator:  Pat Morgan

Nominee:  Cynthia Mannion 
Nominator:  Amy Hobbs